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Mavis Crawford is a major hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. She is the loving and caring mother of Randall Crawford, who gave him an excellent childhood. Her only peccadillo is that when Randall grew up, Mavis got married to Dean Hancock, (Randall's archenemy). However, she did not do this to spite him. Dean did this to spite him and Mavis is unaware of it.


Mavis Crawford and an unknown man gave birth to Randall Crawford in either 1964 or sometime before that. Nothing is known about the man she married. It is unknown if he even married her or not. All that is known is that he was absent and unmentioned throughout most, if not, all of Randall's childhood.

Mavis was a very nice and wonderful mother to Randall and cared for him very much, even though she was a single mother and didn't have much help. For a single mother (or any mother for that matter), Mavis was super and she gave Randall one of the most amazing childhoods that any child could ask for.

Contrastly, Mavis' sister, Anita was a very horrible parent to her son, Woody Johnson. Like Mavis, Anita was a single mother, who birthed her only child with the help of an unseen, unnamed, unknown man. However, Anita was a drunken, alcoholic, abusive mother who gave Woody an abusive childhood.

Mavis took note of how horrible Woody's childhood was and decided it was best to trick Anita into going to rehab, while she took Woody under her wing. While Mavis raised Woody, she was pleased with how he and Randall got along like brothers and even thought of it as being cute. Eventually, Randall got kind of jealous of Woody for how he was sharing his mother's love. However, he kept it secret for some time.

When Anita got out of rehab, she was still the same abusive asshole she was before. Mavis knew better than to let Woody go back to living with her, so she decided to adopt him. When Woody announced that Mavis was going to adopt him, Randall was pissed off and wanted him out of the house. Randall beat himself senseless with a game system and then blamed it on Woody. Mavis believed his story and thought that Woody was a sociopathic devil child who bruised her son's face to a bloody pulp. Mavis thought that Woody was too dangerous of a person to have near her son and decided it was best to cancel the adoption and have Woody sent back to his original mother. It probably wasn't the best decision for her to fuck over a child like that but since she was under the impression that this child was bad (and his badness came from his original mother), she felt as though he deserved this fate and that Woody belonged with his evil mom.

Sometime during Randall's adulthood, most likely after he married Karen and had Kevin Crawford, Mavis felt the need to remarry. However, much to Randall's dismay, his mom married his archenemy, Dean Hancock. It is very unlikely that she married him to spite her son, (although those were Dean's exact reasons). At the current time, Mavis is an old lady, who is married to a man who is roughly the same age as her son.