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Mavra Zane was one of the main protagonists in the 2012 Xbox 360 Kinect game Kinect Star Wars. She was a Jedi Master serving the Jedi Order during the Separatist Crisis, and was the mentor of multiple Jedi Padawans featured in the game for the player to use. She is notable for having a yellow lightsaber.


Mavra Zane was trained under the Jedi Order's tutelage, and with Yoda's guidance, her skills and sensitivity in the Jedi way and light side of the Force gave her the title of Jedi Master. During her training, she constructed a yellow lightsaber. In the Separatist Crisis, she became an instructor and taught her own Padawans Jedi lessons, and would go to Kashyyyk to train her Padawans until the rising conflict forced her and her Padawans into battle. Supervised by Yoda, the padawans successfully grasp the concept of using the Force to a basic degree and using a lightsaber, and the Jedi, Wookiees, Zane, and her Padawans helped save the Wookiees from Trandoshan slavers.

After blowing up the Trandoshan base with a thermal detonator while combating many Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and Droidekas, the successful Padawans and Zane saw a much larger counterattack coming their way. Yoda had left Kashyyyk to inform the Jedi Council of the battle that had just took place, and Zane and the Wookiees struggled against the full-scale army they were now dealing with. Zane instructed the Padawans and Chewbacca to leave, and once they left the planet, Yoda contacted their ship and informed them that Zane was being held captive on the Nihilist. The Jedi then travel to the planet Felucia to rescue her, which turned out to be a mere rendezvous, as Zane had already managed to escape on her own. Zane rescued her Padawans who were surrounded by Droids, and she leads them to destroy the ship's main reactor, destroying the ship.

They manage to escape the spaceship, crash-landing on Felucia in the middle of even more conflict. The inhabitants of the planet in the area had formed a resistance, led by Mak Pra. Pra led them to Shu Mai's headquarters, and they soon discover that Shu Mai was planning on using a powerful Felucian chemical known as Trihexalon to attack Coruscant, the home planet of the Jedi Order. They fled the stronghold, intending to get this information to the Jedi Order, but are captured by aliens of Shu Mai's species, the Gosssam. Shu Mai ordered the Jedi to be executed by Sarlacc pit, but soon the Galactic Republic's reinforcements arrived to save Zane and her Padawans.

After Zane and her Padawans were free, Shu Mai retreated, but left two Dark Acolytes to take down the Jedi in her place: two Zabrak Sith Lords named Ror and Kern. These two adversaries, wielders of the Dark Side of the Force, trained by Count Dooku, and Double-bladed lightsaber users, would prove to be the Padawans' greatest challange, but they would succeed in defeating them. However, they weren't slain until Shu Mai had successfully fled and could safely plot the invasion of Coruscant with biological warfare.

Master Zane led a squadron of pilots to destroy the Commerce Guild ships to end their threat to Courscant. She succeeded in bringing the destruction of their fleet, and having saved many lives, she returned to Coruscant and made her Padawans Jedi Knights.


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