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Max (Japanese: マサト Masato) is a young boy from the Pokémon anime, and a former traveling companion of Ash. He is the only main character thus far who was not a Pokémon Trainer and he did not own any Pokémon during the entire Advanced Generation series. He is the younger brother of May, and the son of Norman, the Petalburg Gym Leader, and Caroline.

He is voiced by Fushigi Yamada in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Amy Birnbaum and Kayzie Rogers in the English version of the anime.


Max was presented somewhat of a know-it-all who was proud of his book smarts. Max did not approve of how Ash had used Pikachu in battle and spent a portion of the episode lecturing him on what he thought was a better way to command the Pokémon. But despite this attitude, Max was not a close-minded person and was always eager to learn about Pokémon first-hand. He would become particularly excited when he could experience a Pokémon's move or Ability, such as Jigglypuff's Sing or Sharpedo's Rough Skin.


  • Although Max took Misty's role of pinching Brock's ear when he sees a pretty girl, he didn't start doing that until he saw Misty do it in The Princess and The Togepi!. However, he did drag Brock by the pants once in A Different Kind of Misty!.
  • He is Ash's first companion who is too young to be a Pokémon Trainer. The second would be Bonnie, although she does care for a Pokémon.


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