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Max is a supporting character and the false secondary antagonist of The Muppet Movie. He is the former henchman of Doc Hopper.


He is Doc Hopper's assistant and chauffeur in The Muppet Movie. It is Max, while supervising the construction of the latest Doc Hopper's French Fried Frog Legs, who first spots the talented Kermit the Frog, then on a collision course with a steamroller. The eager Max brings the frog to Doc Hopper's attention as a likely spokescharacter, anxious for a reward.

Gradually Max grows aware of the realities of the fried frog leg business, which leaves millions of frogs on crutches, and Kermit's moral stand brings about a crisis of conscience. Max's full turnaround is revealed when he sneaks away to warn Kermit, and during the final standoff admits to Doc that he's had enough. He gives off his gleeful expression, while still fleeing an over-sized Animal, over the successful foiling of Doc and the goons.


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