Max Dennison

Maxwell "Max" Dennison is the main protagonist of the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus. He is the Halloween-hating teenage brother of Dani Dennison and has a crush on fellow high school student Allison. His attitude is because of his hatred of moving to Salem, Massachusetts.

He was portrayed by Omri Katz.


After moving to Salem from Los Angeles, California, Max became angry about it, especially since he despises Halloween. During history class at his new high school, after the story of Sanderson sisters and Thackery Binx, Max expressed his dislike towards Halloween, saying it was invented by the candy companies, but then his crush Allison began to express her fascination with the story, Max handed her his phone number. After school Max talked to Allison, but she hands him back his phone much to Max's frustration, due to his dislike of Halloween. On the way home from school, while riding his bike through a cemetery, Max runs into bullies Jay and Ernie "Ice" who steal his sneakers, making Max dislike Salem even more. When he gets home, Max frustrated about the day he had runs up to his room, and pretends that one of his pillows is Allison, not knowing that his little sister Dani was spying on him in his closet. After Dani teases about Allison, she tells Max that he has take her trick or treating, as their parents are going to a party at town hall and it is her time trick or treating in Salem. At first he refuses, but he reluctantly does it after Dani screams for their mother.


  • (cat scratch Max is screaming) STUPID CAT?!


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Max Dennison
Max Dennison

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