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I feel like I'm losing the cherry on my sundae. The foam of my root beer.
~ Max Goof.

Maximillian "Max" Goof is a fictional character who is the teenage son of the popular Disney character Goofy. He first appeared in the 1992 television series, Goof Troop as the one of two main protagonists and is an 11½-year-old. He also stars in the spin-off movie, A Goofy Movie (1995), as at roughly 14-years-old; and 18-years-old in its direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) as one of the two main protagonists in both movies. He later appears in the direct-to-video, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999); and its sequel, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004); and the 2001 TV series, House of Mouse (as a parking valet). Max is a playable character on the SNES video game, Goof Troop (1994), the PlayStation 2 video game Disney Golf (2002), and the PC video game Disney's Extremely Goofy Skateboarding (2001).

He is voiced by the late Bobby Driscoll in the classic Goofy shorts, the late Dana Hill (who also voiced Tank Muddlefoot) in Goof Troop, Shaun Fleming in Mickey's Once and Twice Upon a Christmas, and, currently, Jason Marsden (who also voices Chester McBadbat, Kovu and Nermal) since 1995 with Aaron Lohr doing his singing voice.


Physical appearance

Max is an anthropomorphic dog with black fur, droopy ears, peach skin and his head appears to be shaped like a bean. He appears to have a striking resemblance to his father, Goofy, with some notable differences:

  • His spiky hairstyle
  • Eyebrows
  • A bigger head
  • And a smaller muzzle

Another notable difference, his facial skin is exposed more than Goofy's is. Also like his father, he possesses a humanoid body, as of hands and feet. One episode reveals his buttocks, although they're in a flesh tone instead of black.


As Goofy Junior, he wore overalls with a yellow shirt and white shoes. As Max Goof, he normally wears red.


When he was young, Max was mischievous. As he grew up, he drifted away from his father. Aside from that, he was very worrisome about his father messing up everything and often lies. He is also not above maturity, as he acts grown up. Other than acting mature, he is manipulative when it comes to getting what he wants and often gets his best friend to help him. But in spite of his tricky nature, he has had his moments of selflessness.

Powers and abilities

Physical abilities

Athleticism and Sports

Max has demonstrated throughout the series that he is an excellent skateboarder, pulling off various stunts and poses, even being creative in making a move of his own. As stated in the second film, he admitted that "it's [his] best event". He is also quite acrobatic and agile while not on his skateboard, doing a backflip off a brick wall and years later doing various stunts on his way home. But besides being a good skateboarder, Max is a very athletic person. This trait was primarily in the sports videogames he appeared in, which consist of Basketball, Football, and of course, Skateboarding. He has also done Golf, a non-radical sport. In the X-Games, he has done Skating and Biking as parts of the course.

Physical condition and combat

In terms of strength, Max could not take out a bully (such as Leech) without the help of his best friend, P.J.. But despite his lack of strength, he, along with P.J., put up a good fight. It should also be noted that in the show's videogame, he was physically able to pick up things (such as coconuts, bombs, barrels, etc.) and use them for amunition. He has even used weapons he finds, makes, or makes into a weapon and is very proficient. Other than his level of strength and usage of weapons, Max is also physically fast and durable, especially when it comes to hazardous situations. He survived severe accidents and never broke a single bone. In the same game he appeared in first, he went twice as fast as his father Goofy.

Mental abilities

Technology and Mechanics

Max once claimed to be a tech genius, saying that "most people are techno-wimps" compared to him. None the less, he was very skilled to install a VCR to a camera using distant long cords so that it would record footage of himself and P.J., though he had accidentally caused it to broadcast across the whole city. He also plugged in cords and installed a game without looking at the instructions, as kids naturally know how by the shape of the plug and outlet. He even built a machine to help P.J. with his homework that had working functions. Max also knew how to operate Pete's boat to search for gold just by setting it for goldfish. Yet in spite of his surprising knowledge of technology, Max was no genius compared to others like Bobby, who could hack into a school system and do advanced features.

Manipulation and Strategy

Max is very good at manipulating P.J. to help him pull off his plans, and it has worked every time, causing P.J. to question, "Every time. How does he do it?!?" He is also good at deception and often deceives his father, mainly by lying. He was very good at faking his feelings trick him and pretended to be hurt to take advantage of a nearby couple's concern for him. When burglars chased him into his booby trapped house, he tricked them into falling into the traps. Max even comes up with good strategies to trick people like Pete, who impersonated Goofy to get himself a vacation at Hawaii, and to get through certain places like Burger Behemoth. Unfortunately, these plans, sometimes, usually have their limits and backfire.

Miscellaneous abilities

Music and Dancing skill

Max had some dancing skills as a preteen and as a teenager posing as Powerline (though he might have been faking it). During the show's intro, he danced a bit while wearing sunglasses, showing some skill. At the beginning of the film, he slow-danced on stage to impress Roxanne. Later, he danced along with his father and impressed his own idol. Even Roxanne liked his dancing and tried to get as good as he was when he was on television. When it comes to singing, Max is arguably a good singer while singing some musical numbers as a teenager (even though he pretended to sing "Stand Out" with Powerline's voice). Not only that, as a preteen, he played the violin so nicely after finding out his songbook was upside down.

Disguise Mastery

  • Dressed as Goofy
  • Alien disguise
  • Elderly woman
  • Teenage Max dressed as Powerline
Max is somewhat of a master of disguise, having disguised himself on many occasions, and was able to fool a lot of people. When he put on tin foil and pretended to be an alien, he tricked everybody into believing he really was alien (due to the accidental broadcast). On another occasion he pretended to be his dad. Since no one could facially tell them apart, he only needed P.J. for height and his dad's sweater for cover up. He has also dressed as an elderly women and temporarily fooled a bully. As elderly people are sometimes short, he pulled it off very well until he reached under his dress. When he was a teenager he dressed up as Powerline and wore sunglasses so nobody would recognize him. As a child, to cheer his dad up, he dressed as Santa Claus so that only he was fooled. But Goofy noted that he was short and slim and eventually discovered him when he nearly fell off the roof.

Temporary abilities


Max gained magical powers from a sentient magician's hat who settled on his head and manipulated him, but it seemed the hat needed to be on his head physically to channel his magic. While in possession of magical powers he could manipulate the color of his cape to be purple instead of black and restore Pete's tie after cutting it up. After stopping the hat however, this eventually became undone.




Goofy is his father, who also seems to be the opposite Max. While Max is mature, Goofy is wise, but doesn't always know what's going on. Max loves his dad, but sometimes, he lies to his father in order to keep his him from ruining his plans. He even went as far as changing the map his father and grandfather used for their trip to go to Los Angelos. This eventually led to a disagreement between them, eventually reconciling and making amends. However, Max still went at lying to his father, but after they beat Bradley, things seemed to finally settle by then.

In House of Mouse, Max thought his father's job was easy, and vice versa, but they both learned how hard each of their jobs were. When Max wanted a new car, Goofy believed he wasn't responsible enough. But after showing everybody his dad was not a good driver either, he gave him a parking space and decided to let him have a car.


Debbie is Max's cousin. At first, Max believed she was evil because of the baby powder. But she was really nice and loved her cousin. She also helped him when he had trouble with an 18-year-old bully.

Peter "P.J." Pete Jr.

P.J. is Max's best friend, and always has been since they met. When Max met P.J., he was startled. But eventually they started bonding. Through every circumstance, and every trial, they have remained best friends since then. While Max is the brains, P.J. is the muscle, and Max has manipulated him into doing stuff behind their fathers' backs. However, when one of his not-so-well-thought-through plans fail, P.J. has been shown berating him for it. 

Max has also been shown to be rude to P.J., having called him names and mocked him when he said something timid while trying to talk to his Uncle Bob. He even once believed that P.J. betrayed him and called off their friendship (though that was in a "non-canon" episode). But eventually he apologized to him for jumping conclusions and made amends. And whenever he doesn't know what's going on with P.J. (particularly when he doesn't show up to what they planned together), Max gets mad with him, but then gains empathy for him after finding out. Max also wrongly lashed out at him for something he did not do. But Max felt guilty, meaning he still cared about P.J.

When P.J. asked for help from Max, he did his best to help him. However, even though something happened with Max unintentionally, P.J. blamed Max for it. In a comic strips they got into a heated argument.


Max fell in love with her, but she didn't seem to notice him. He also believed she was not into him because of how he was like his dad. Because of this, he blinded himself from seeing her for who she was. When Max fell down, she was compassionate towards him, and developed a liking for him, especially for his laugh. He was willing to lie to her to keep her, and she seemed to know something suspicious. Near the end of A Goofy Movie, after Max confessed his dishonesty towards her, she confessed that ever since his Goofy laugh, she loved him. Since then, he promised not to lie to her anymore.

Robert "Bobby" Zimuruski

Bobby is Max's other best friend in high school.

Bradley Uppercrust III

When Max met Bradley in person, the moment was neutral. But when Bradley started treating his friends badly, they developed a hate foir each other.


  • Ever since Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, he didn't made a home media appearance in nearly 16 years until season 3 of DuckTales (2017).
  • The Goof Troop series never kept an exact timeline of Max's life, sometimes defying things like when they moved.
  • Throughout nearly the whole Disney series to his (so far) final movie appearance, Max is a young adult while Huey, Dewey and Louie are still kids.
  • Max does not appear in seven episodes of Goof Troop.
    • Unreal Estate
    • Pete's Day at the Races
    • Window Pains
    • Nightmare on Goof Street
    • Goofs of a Feather
    • Goof Fellas
    • The Good, the Bad and the Goofy


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