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This is the chronological history of Maximillian "Max" Goof.

Early life

Initially, he was born with red hair, with humanoid features. He was mischievous as any boy would be; but sometime, somehow, he lost his mother, most likely due to a car accident (according to some fans). Eventually, he grew up, and gained black hair, and everything about him changed. While he was still a baby, he was babysat by his cousin Debbie. When he was five, he came up with the reindeer dance.

Goofy shorts

20191127 154815

He made his debut in "Fathers Are People" as George Geef Jr., in which he made a lot of mischief for his father. He always expected a gift from his dad and refused to pick up his toys. Junior made his father's life as a parent miserable up until he kissed him good night. In "Father's Lion", he went with his father to go hunting with him but a Lion was always bothering them. In "Father's Wekend", he spent the weekend with him but made it hard for his dad to stand his hysterics and his pushing around. In his last appearance in the shorts, he helped him water ski. He was always with him even after his mother was gone.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Prior to the events of Goof Troop, Max lives in another neighborhood. He was getting his Christmas list for Santa ready, but the truck had left. After his neighbor, Pete, told him there was no Santa, Max was left in tears. When he told his dad what their neighbor told him, his father gave him hope. However, he started pondering what Pete told him.  He then questioned his father about how Santa delivers the gifts all in one night.

They went to their other next door neighbors, the Andersons, to help them. Then while Max was licking a candy cane, Jimmy came up to him. Max asked him about Santa, and Jimmy said he knew what he looked like and described him to Max. Max asked how he was sure, and then Jimmy pointed him to Santa (who was really Goofy in a Santa suit), who Max was both excited and happy to see. So Max immediately asked him for the snowboard he wanted, but one of the twins pulled off his hat, revealing him to Max. Max was really upset, thinking his father lied to him, and then shut the door behind him.

Later, Max was on the couch, pouting in anger. Goofy tried to cheer him up, even bringing him his old stuffed bear. Max thought that Santa giving Old Stuffed Bear to him sounded little. And when Goofy tried making Old Stuffed Bear sing "Santa is Coming to Town", Max pushed him away. Then a brief argument about Santa's existence ensued, causing one of the arms of Old Stuffed Bear to be ripped off.

Goofy promised Max that Santa was real, so Max told him to prove it. Then they went up on the balcony outside their house, where Goofy prepared to prove to a doubting Max that Santa Claus was real. Just when they thought they heard his jingling bells on reindeer, it turned out to be something else. Then Goofy fell off and hung from the roof, with Max saying he told his dad he would fall off, but Goofy denied it. Then Max decided to go to bed telling his father that Santa wasn't coming.

Max stayed in bed until midnight past, checking on his father. When he saw Goofy with a computer and set a light Max was frustrated that he didn't face the facts. Then he saw him shoveling the snow, which said, "DON'T FORGET MAX" in it, to which Max said, "Aw, Dad." While he was sleeping his father called out for him, showing him he found Santa. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a robber, and they both lost their hope. Just then, Goofy fell off the roof. Max came down quickly to his aid, and Goofy fell into depression, saying his son was right about everything. Max tried to cheer his father up, but nothing seemed to work, so he tried dressing up as Santa. When his father found out, Max revealed he wanted to make him happy, and this made his dad happy knowing his own son was trying to make him feel better.

Just then, Max sees something and gets his father's attention. Soon they both knew it had to be Santa Claus and Santa gives him the present he wanted. And after Santa taught Pete a lesson, Max thought that Santa forgot his dad's gift, but Goofy told Max he already got it: his own son's happiness. Max wishes him a merry Christmas and goes to share his gift with jimmy. After the last story is told, he and his dad join their friends for a Christmas medley.

Goof Troop


Max and his father, Goofy, in the intro

In Goof Troop, Max, his father Goofy and their cat Waffles live in Spoonerville next door to Goofy's high school friend Pete, his wife Peg, son P.J. (who Max befriends), daughter Pistol and dog Chainsaw.

In the two-part primiere, after Goofy got a new job diploma, Max and his father Goofy moved to Spoonerville in the house that Pete wanted to destroy. When he met P.J., they were startled by each other; and when Max and P.J. were set up together to be friends by their parents, they weren't so sure at first. But then Max started getting interested after P.J. showed him his room. They began to bond and soon enough, they were best friends. After Pete got them out of his house and into theirs, they prepared to live in their new home.

While Max was sleeping in his new room, his father woke him early with rebuilding their house that was partially destroyed. Max soon hangs out with P.J. and had fun with him. But when Pete tried to keep P.J. away from Max, they try to set up a party for their families. Unfortunately, Goofy recreated the memory that ruined Pete's life in which Goofy cheer leaded and kicked Pete in the face, leading to a feud that kept the duo apart. Then Max and P.J. came up with plan to bring their fathers back together. The plan worked, and they continued on to having adventures.

In one episode, Max and P.J. were watching a scary movie, prior to when the math test episode. While P.J. was amazed by it, Max was terrified even though his dad warned him that if he was scared, he would get the hiccups. When he couldn't sleep, P.J. spent the night with him. Pete pulled a prank on them by dressing up as the Mutilator. When Goofy accidentally locked himself out, Max thought he was the mutilator and he and P.J. tried to get away from him. They eventually realize he was alright after thinking he was caught by the mutilator. Pete, after hurting himself thinking his neighbor was the mutilator, apologized for scaring them and Goofy said to him he was only trying to cut the tree branch that was in his way.

One night, Max helped P.J. with studying for a math test. To do so, he built a machine that dispensed eggs if he answered wrong and chocolate for right. After the test, P.J. was afraid he failed. So he and Max go out to do all the fun stuff he wanted to after they made it look like he had a disease. However, Pete eventually found out about the fake disease and grounded P.J. but ungrounded him after seeing the math test with a perfect score.

Max's first beginning summer in Spoonerville ended him up in camping along with his best friend. He spent the day with his dad.

In "Midnight Movie Madness",

In "Talent to the Max", Max was preparing for the talent show. He tried to use some magic props he got for free thanks to a retired magician, but nothing worked. A Magic Hat tricked him into bringing it home with him. Soon, the hat turns him against P.J. and tried to turn him against his father, but failed. Max tried to resist but it took over his hands and threatened to hurt everybody. But thanks to Great Garbonzo he was able to free himself. Max learned to always do things with his best friend and made up a crazy idea.

The Spirit of Mickey

Max was backstage with his father, where his father asked him if he talked to him about the open road. He approved since he was told to about it "About a hundred times". Then his dad decided to tell him about it one more time. Max was dismayed by it. This would foreshadow the events of his first movie appearance.

A Goofy Movie

Max Goof longing to win Roxannes heart

Max thinking about Roxanne

In A Goofy Movie, a now teenage Max attends high school along with P.J. and other friend Bobby Zimuruski and is in love with a girl at school named Roxanne.

He has a dream about Roxanne which turns into a nightmare about becoming exactly like his dad and wakes up from it. P.J. calls him and Max realizes he slept in and gets ready to go to school. Then his dad comes in and he tries to get away from him. After a musical number, he falls down a set of pews and everybody laughs at him. Roxanne helps him up and surprises him. He starts muttering, then goes "A-hyuck" and runs off in embarrassment after running into a trash can. 


He joins his friends for the gimmick he would pull to impress Roxanne, which was dressing up as his favorite Pop singer, Powerline and singing "Stand Out". He appeared on the projector screen, and then he tripped on a cord and fell right through it. But much to his surprise, everybody was amazed, even Roxanne. When he was about to reach out for Roxanne, however, Principal Mazur interrupted his attempt and exposed him to the school. However, it went better than he thought, since Roxanne was immediately impressed by it, and decided to go to Stacey's party with him.

Max Goof Glasses

Max got excited by this, and the principal told Goofy his blind-sighted belief that Max was "dressed as a gang member" doing a criminal act and threatened Goofy with Max going to the electric chair (something normally used for punishing murderous acts). Despite this, Max was praised for his gimmick and returned home in a positive attitude. But Goofy, having heard the principal on the phone, decided to take him on a road trip, ignoring Max while doing so.

Max then remembers Roxanne and tells his dad to stop by so he could explain himself. While doing so, he lied to her about his dad and Powerline knowing each other. The guilt went on during the car trip while Goofy tried bonding. They played a guessing game, then Max turned on some rock music, and Goofy inserted a tape cassette into the radio. They fought over the music until both the radio and tape player broke.

When Goofy decided to sing along the way, Max was insisted to join in by his father, which he did, expressing his frustration. They get to Lester's Possum Park, which made Max feel even more miserable, sitting next to a geeky-looking toddler and feeling forced to watch a run-down animatronic show. When Goofy and Max leave, Max verbally expresses his misery to himself at the sight of everything after his father leaves him. But he was interrupted by the park's mascot, who mistook Max to be a kid. Max turns the other way, and when Lester asked him who his favorite possum was, Max coldly told him not to touch him. Lester thought he was sad and hugged him. This caused Max to slap his head backwards, leaving him unable to see, and then happily watched him get tackled by other kids.

When Goofy came back, he wanted to take a picture with Max. And when Goofy sent a possum flying into Max's pants, it caused him to start moving around. Goofy, oblivious as usual, thought Max was dancing, and joins in. Everybody begins laughing at him, and a kid calls him and his father names, driving Max away. Max got angry at his father for driving him "miles from home" and for taking him to see "some stupid rat show".

P.J. and Max

When they got to a camping spot, Max was depressed. He couldn't stop thinking about Roxanne. Then surprisingly, he met P.J. who was in a trailer with Pete. P.J. greeted Max, telling him that everybody believed he was going to be with Powerline. But then Max told him that the one person who didn't know was his own dad.

When Max was being shown by his father how to fish, Bigfoot showed up and scared them into their car where they spent the night. While inside, they start bonding when they talk about alphabet soup and how Max spelled things for his dad to read. He then gave him his soup can which said, "Hi Dad" in it. Later that night, Max was still awake. He thought about Roxanne, and how he lied, and almost wrote to her on a postcard. Then he saw the map after he kicked the compartment. Max changes the map before his father wakes up.

He thought about the map change and unexpectedly, Goofy handed him the map. They go to different places and start bonding much better. They spend the night in a motel where Max meets P.J. once again. Unknowingly, Pete eavesdrops on him and P.J. and is revealed to his father. When Goofy walked in they were watching Powerline on television. Max is confused about his dad's sudden gloom and eventually goes to sleep.

The next morning, Max was in the car still confused and nervous. When his father gave him the map, he hesitated to follow the correct route and soon, he immediately screamed "LEFT!" He sighs in relief then sees his angry father. He tries to play the game with him but Goofy gets so enraged he stopped the car and left Max, who felt guilty. He tried to go and explain himself, but Goofy refused to hear it, saying that he was "probably too stupid to understand".

Out of frustration, he leaves his father and kicks the car, then leaned onto it, causing it to roll away due to Goofy forgot to put on the brakes. When Goofy sees it roll away, they both chase after it with Goofy demanding Max what did he do and he replies that he only touched it. While they chase it down they start to argue. When they catch up and get inside, still arguing, things get worse when Goofy accidentally broke off the gear shift, to which Max said to him that he ruins everything. Then the car goes off the road and Goofy tells him he ruined the vacation, with an angered Max saying saying he never wanted to go on vacation with his father.

20200418 214916

They fall into the river, and Max blamed his dad for it and told him he should have let him stay home. That was when Goofy revealed to him that the principal called him, Max saying it wasn't what it seemed. Goofy also snapped at him for lying, and Max said he had to, saying to him he was ruining his life. Goofy defended himself, saying he only tried to take him fishing, and Max reminded him he grew up and had his own life. Then finally, his dad said, "I know that! I just wanted to be part of it." Then he said to him he was his son, no matter how old he was.

Later after a while, they reconcile after singing together and fishing barefoot and they also missed a river shore. Afterwards, Max told his dad that he lied to Roxanne, with Goofy admitting he never realized his own son was in love, and agrees to help him. However, they came to a waterfall and try to escape, but the rapids were so powerful, they took Max. So Goofy used his fishing pole to hook onto the car and save Max, who was terrified at seeing how deep the fall was. Max then falls off the car, but thanks to the tarp that wrapped around him, he was safe. He tried to save his dad by grabbing onto the fishing pole, but the handle slips off. As Goofy falls down to his supposed death, Max uses the Perfect Cast to save him. When Max pulls him up, they share a hug; and as the map hits Goofy, Max says it has been one crazy vacation, and Goofy said it wasn't over yet.

They stowed away in some instrument cases and made their way backstage through the halls. At first, Max was reluctant when Goofy planned to get him onstage, but he had second thoughts after being distracted by the women walking by. When he lost sight of his dad, he tried to find him, but while he was looking, he saw Powerline onstage with the ladies. Unfortunately, he was caught by a security guard and quickly ran away from him; and the guard gave chase. To avoid him, Max managed to hop onto some stage lights to see his dad fall out of nowhere, to which Max felt embarrassed, then told him to do the Perfect Cast. Much to Max's delight, Goofy's dance form of the Perfect Cast impressed Powerline, until the guard managed to get onto the lights with him, but Max blinded him and a cord snapped which Max grabbed onto while the security guard grabbed onto him. He swung from the cord until the guard lost his grip and crashed into a screen, then Max ended up on stage with his idol and his father much to their shock. So he did his own dance to which Goofy and Powerline both did it with him through the whole song, and a doubting Roxanne immediately became happy seeing her true love onscreen at last.

After driving home in their busted car, Max finally went to tell the truth to Roxanne. He ran into her father again, but she brushed him off and was excited to see her boyfriend back. When Max finally told the truth, she asked him why he made it up, and he said that he only wanted her to like him. So Roxanne told him "[she] already liked [him], from the very time [he] laughed, 'A-hyuck'" Max promised not to lie to her anymore, and realized he had plans with his dad, and said he could see her tomorrow. She said it was a deal, so Max kissed her and they both laughed, with Max going "A-hyuck" and immediately feeling embarrassed for it. But Roxanne just laughed a bit, then they noticed Goofy trying to fix the car which exploded and sent him flying into the roof of Roxanne's front porch, so Max finally introduced her to his dad.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

Max giving his trophy as an apology gift to Goofy
In the direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie, once again the main protagonist, a now 18-year-old Max along with P.J. and Bobby leaves home to attend college where he starts a rivalry with Bradley Uppercrust III and his fraternity the Gammas and competes against them in their college's X Games. He also has to put up with Goofy as he loses his job and ends up attending the same college as him in order to get a degree for a new job, but the two reconcile when Goofy helps Max's team win the X Games.

Other Goof Troop episodes

In some of the episodes, the main characters act like Goofy and Max had been living with the Petes for years.

Tub Be or Not Tub Be

In this episode, Max entered into a tub race with his dad which they have done years before. They had always raced against Pete but never won.

A Goof Troop Christmas

Max Goof christmas
Max appears in the Christmas special. However, the special itself contradicts the Goof Troop time period, making it non-canon with the other three episodes. In the special, Pete is tired of Goofy destroying his things every year, so he decides to spend Christmas in a cabin, bringing his family with him, and leaving Max with his clumsy father. However, they meet up with each other.

But when Goofy offers Pete to push the button, it destroys his and Max's cabin and car. However, Goofy saved Max's present before it was destroyed. Later, Max is made by his father to do the Reindeer Dance with him. But then, disaster hit.

House of Mouse

In this show, Max is a parking valet. Throughout the show, he made six appearances in five episodes and one movie. He made cameos in the first two episodes, "The Stolen Cartoons" and "Big Bad Wolf Daddy" where he was outside. Later in season two, he plays larger roles in the last three episodes.

DuckTales (2017)

Max made cameos in the pictures from Goofy's wallet, showing how he grew up.


Goof Troop (SNES)

20191204 165653
Max first appears in the videogame where he must rescue Pete and P.J.. Throughout the game, they battle pirates each with different abilities. They even face powerful bosses which they must defeat.

In the beginning of the game, Max and his father are fishing. But Pete and P.J. get captured. They go and try to rescue them on a place called Spoonerville Island. They battle the pirates they ran into and used the surrounding weapons and amunition. When they beat the first bunch of pirates, they tie them up and when demanded for answers, tell them their about their pirate king. After defeating the second boss, they come to the pirate fortress. When they make their way through the fortress, they defeat the boss and then they come to another place.

Goofy's Fun House

Max Goof made two picture cameos.

Disney's Extremely Goofy Skateboarding

Max appears in this spin-off game as one of two playable characters next to his father, Goofy. In the game, they have to colllect coins and race through different levels.

Park attractions

Max has appeared in some attractions as well such as Parade of the Stars.

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