Max Keeble is the main protagonist of Max Keeble's Big Move.

He is played by Alex D. Linz who also played Alex Pruitt from Home Alone 3.

Character Plot

Max Keeble is a 12 year old boy who works as a paper boy and attends middle school along with his best friends Robe (Robert) and Megan. During his first day back to school, Max had to go the whole day facing bullies with the main ones being Troy McGinty and Dobbs.

Max went to the animal shelter and found that it was closing down because the land was bought and employees at the shelter have until the end of the week to find a new home for the animals. Max wanted to help and tried to talk it out with his parents only to find out that since his father was promoted at his job to Chicago, Illinois, they had to move (much to Max's shock and sadness). After talking to his friends about the shelter and his moving, they agree to help Max to try to save the animal shelter by putting posters up on the walls. Max gets back at all of the bullies and the principal until he found out that he and his family are not moving. After realizing that his family is not moving, Max decided to set things right by apologizing to his friends for betraying them to be with the cool kids and they together saved the animal shelter and got the principal fired for messing with the school budget to create his football stadium on the school grounds.


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