The Maximals are the main protagonists of the Transformers: Beast Wars. They are descendants of the Autobots who had fought hundreds of years ago against the Decepticons who were the ancestors of their enemies; the Predacons.

BW Maximals

The Maximals, some with different forms

Like their ancestors, the Maximals had to fight their rival race of robots to restore peace to the galaxy.They would also be featured in the sequel series Beast Machines,Beast Wars II,and Beast Wars Neo. They would also Show up in the comics such as the IDW comics as anicent Transformers and were orginally the servants of the Liegoe Maximo and Onyx Prime. They would also appear in other incarnations of the Franchise such as transformers animated,Cyberverse,and the Prime Wars Trilogy. They will appear in the upcoming series War for Cybertron's third and final arc Kingdom. They will also appear in the upcoming live action Beast Wars movie.



  • In the series finale, Cheetor and Rattrap are the only original maximals from the beginning of the Beast Era to survive all the way through in the end. As such, they each have the last lines of the series.
  • The only maximals that lived in the end of the Beast Wars series, are Cheetor, Rattrap, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Nightscream and Botanica.


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