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Maximilien Morrel is a major character in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Role in the Story

Maximilien is first seen walking along the countryside seemingly on the way to Paris. However, Franz d'Epinay's car gets one of its wheels stuck in a hole, and Maximilien manages to use his strength to get the wheel out. Afterward, he sees Valentine de Villefort for the first time, immediately falling head-over-heels for her. During the picnic that he and Albert's friends have, he compliments Valentine's cooking, saying that it tastes fantastic.


Maximilien is extremely broad-shouldered. He is also red-headed and wears green clothes.


Maximilien's devotion to his friends is second to none, and he is very vocal about his dislikes, especially of not marrying out of love. He, being a soldier, is also very serious about much of what he says, and when it comes to Valentine de Villefort, she is almost always his top priority. Maximilien is notable for not being able to confess his feelings properly, unintentionally coming on too strong.


Maximilien, being a soldier, is incredibly skilled in combat. For an example, he fought and beat Albert de Morcerf in a swordfight.



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