Maxwell is one of the main characters in Hamtaro.

He is voiced by Takako Honda also voices Anko Mitarashi in the Japanese Version and Brad Swaile also voices Light Yagami and Mousse in the English Version.


He is a little bit taller than the other Ham-Hams, partially due to his tall ears. He is a brown and white hamster with brown eyes.


He always carries a book with him, and is often turned to for information. He seems to know a lot about science and literature due to his love of reading. Maxwell is like a big brother figure for most Ham-Hams.


  • He has a crush on Sandy, though it is never initiated until Hamtaro tells him about Sandy's feelings.
  • He and Snoozer share almost identical body patterns.
  • Maxwell got his name from James Clerk Maxwell, a famous physician from England. He is also known for taking the first ever color photograph.
  • He was temporarily leader of the Ham-Hams when Boss went away for a while.


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