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"Stone" to his friends, Maxwell is the largest person currently living in Vault 13. He is known for his physical strength and stamina. He would make the ideal volunteer due to his tremendous size and strength. It is unfortunate that his intelligence was affected after birth when the labor bot dropped him on his head. He doesn't care that he might have to leave the vault.
~ Description.

Maxwell "Max" Stone is an inhabitant of Vault 13 in 2161 and and the protagonist of the Fallout demo.

Fallout Demo

On 4th Jan, 2162, Stone was sent away from Vault 13 to search for supplies, carrying a H&K MP9 10mm SMG and two stimpaks in his leather armor. He came across a small slum named Scrapheap and soon discovered its own troubles.

Two gangs were warring over control of the town's generator, which the citizens were not too pleased about. Max can either help the Crypts kill all the Fools, help the Fools kill all the Crypts, kill the Fools and the Crypts, or destroy the generator with bolt cutters and condemn the town's people.


Stone was one of the potential candidates to search for a new water chip, but he was not chosen. Albert Cole and Nat Dubrovhsky were also considered, but the Vault Dweller drew the short straw.


  • He is 23 as of Fallout. Therefore, he is six years older than Natalia, three years older than the Vault Dweller, and four years younger than Albert.
  • Despite his size, he has the same lean in-game sprite of Albert Cole and the (male) Vault Dweller.