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I'll do anything for Johnny!
~ May

May is a heroine from Guilty Gear. She is a young, cute, and spunky member of the Jellyfish air pirates that is utterly dedicated to Johnny, the leader of the pirates and the man who raised her after she was orphaned.

Character Design

May is portrayed in the games as a young girl in an orange coat, with a skin tight body suit underneath, and big orange shoes. She wears fingerless gloves with silver plating over them and wears a pirate tricorn hat.


May is a cheerful and energetic girl. Because of her age, she is innocent of many things in the story and this causes her to be very honest in her speech. Her motivations revolve around cherishing her family, the Jellyfish Pirates and getting Johnny's attention. Though she is childish, she is a capable leader as she is in-charge of the ship whenever Johnny's absent; however, she sometimes neglects her duties when she's concerned with his safety. She also worries that her origins might somehow endanger her family one day.

May has an irrational fear of bald people (As shown when she interacts with Faust), and can sense them from a distance.


Having lost her parents at a young age, she was picked up by the pirate Johnny and named May. As she lived the rough life as a chivalrous robber, she began to be charmed by Johnny's kindness and broadmindedness. Ever since, her life has become completely dedicated to Johnny. May was able to reunite with Johnny after the tournament, which filled her with happiness. One day, as Johnny's birthday was nearing, the crew decided to give him a present as a sign of their appreciation. Compelled by her growing feelings for him, she wanted to give him a gift personally, not as part of the crew. The problem was, she didn't have money. Then she learned of the huge bounty put on the Gear.

Now, in Guilty Gear, the majority of the Japanese people were wiped out by Justice, so the remaining population are held in safety camps which they are not allowed to leave under penalty of arrest or even death. Being an orphan, May was somehow smuggled out of one of the camps and ended up in Johnny's care.

In Accent Core+, May and the rest of the crew decide to do something special for Dizzy: reuniting her with Testament. Something goes wrong, however, and Dizzy loses control of her power, prompting Ky to jump in and assist. Afterwards she finds Johnny having a conversation with Baiken about the Japanese. Unfortunately, May mistakes this as Johnny flirting with Baiken, which upsets her enough to call him an idiot before running away crying. She ends up running into I-no, who once again mentions that she's Japanese, leading up to another encounter with Anji.

In her first ending, May wonders if she's putting her friends in danger because of her heritage. Johnny decides to put her fears to rest and cheer her up by sparring with her, stating that any problem can be overcome with family bonds. After one last surprise attack by Robo-Ky, May returns with the rest of the Jellyfish Pirates, their lives continuing as normal. However, if May ends up losing a match and continues are used, she will doubt her strength and, believing that it's for the sake of her friends, decides to leave with Anji to discover what it truly means to be Japanese.

Powers & Abilities

May fights with a massive ship's anchor, which she is able to swing with ease, despite her small stature. She is also capable of summoning aquatic animals (primarily dolphins and whales) to attack her opponents.

References & Allusions

  • The only thing that seems to be a reference to a musical group is May's name - most likely taken from Brian May, one member of the legendary group Queen.
  • Her Theme "Blue Water, Blue Sky" appears to be inspired by the Skid Row song, "Forever".



  • One of May's EX moves has her shouting "Mist Finer!" This shows that she's trying to imitate Johnny's attacks in some way.
  • She holds the rank of first-mate on the Mayship.
  • In Guilty Gear X, Potemkin said that May has gotten taller since he last saw her at the knights' selection tournament.
  • May seem to like men who are way older than her. She tells Ky Kiske, who is at least 21, to age 10 years more. But this is maybe because she's comparing him to Johnny.
  • May suffers from Peladophobia (Fear of bald people) and is said to sense them a mile away.
  • The day that Johnny found May was on the Mexican Holiday Cinco De Mayo.
  • May's stand and weapon resemble Motochika Chousokabe's of Sengoku Basara X, another fighting game developed by Arc System. Needless to mention that both characters are pirates.
  • May is a playable character in IO Entertainment online fighting game Lost Saga.

Theme Music


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