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Maya Amano EPP

Maya Amano is a character from the Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.


Edit reporters Kismet publication issue of Teens for information magazine "Kuresuto". "Let positive thinking" is favorite phrase, it's beauty with a bright and healthy charm, but the hand is a big weak a very clumsy and housework in general, has become a home also rough unlimited. It is always carry a rabbit doll is a memento of the deceased father at an early age, we are yearning his father even now. Favorite food is crab cans. Not good food horse mackerel dipped in salt water and dried in the sun. Wears clothes meant that I got to choose to Urara roommate, the person is telling the ignorant fashion relationship. The "sin" Heroine, it worked as the "punishment" Protagonist. Use weapons two akimbo. Initial persona "MOON Maia".

Innocent Sin

It is involved in the incident at Seven Sisters school visited to interview with the Yukino Mayuzumi, and would like to both Tatsuya Suou us and the action later. 10 years ago incident, had completely lost memory or because of strong fear, has been holding a strong fear against fire and Tatsuya Sudou for its trauma, the hand suffered at that time and burns seen still has scars.

Eternal Punishment

It would like suffer from deja vu in the wake of a meeting with Tatsuya. While following the JOKER curse together with Urara and Katsuya Suou et al., To chase a "deja vu of the boy," Tatsuya that have some connection to the incident.First met from the Tatsuya, it began to bruises, such as was stabbed in the chest emerges. Home of Amano family ancestors, Suou house of ancestors, related to the ancestors of heroes temple priest.

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