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Mayuri is a member of Makai Group and the deuteragonist of Garo: Makai No Hana.


Long ago, a pregnant Makai Priestess was training to become stronger. During the final month of her pregnancy, a Horror attacked her and tried to enter her baby by possessing her. However, the mother used some kind of powerful spell to block the Horror from entering her child before the Horror took over her body. The Makai Knights killed the Priestess and then after the baby was born, they tired to kill it.

However, a Priest appeared and sensed that there was no Horror inside the baby. He stopped the Knights in thier attempt and offered to raise the child. They later discovered the child had an unusual ability, the power to seal Horrors inside her body. The Senate decided to train her so she could use her powers for their never ending war against the Horrors. They called the girl a Madou Tool: Class: Magou Type:Yurigata (Lily Model). In spite of her impressive powers, the setbacks of her abilities ultimately causes Senate to treated her as an instrument rather than as a human.


Should she become too emotional, her sealing powers would drastically weakened, resulting any unusual Horrors sealed inside her would escape or worse, possessing her. Had the possession happened, this resulting the birth of combined Horror that too powerful for Makai Knights to face. Also, Mayuri cannot extract the confined Horror essences in her body by her own, as it would severely weakened or worse, killed her.

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