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Justice ain't gonna despense itself.
~ McCree
It's High Noon!
~ McCree when he uses Deadeye

Cole Cassidy, also known as Jesse McCree, is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the video game Overwatch. He is an American cowboy who was once a member of the Deadlock Gang, and is currently a member of Overwatch trying to make amends for his past. He is also the main protagonist of the animated short "Reunion".

He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.


McCree was originally a member of the Deadlock Gang. In an Overwatch sting operation at Route 66, McCree was captured alongside several other gang members. Overwatch was impressed with his skills and gave him the option of becoming a member of Blackwatch rather than going to prison. He accepted, and began to serve with training from Gabriel Reyes.

When Overwatch began to decline and Blackwatch's rebellion was beginning, McCree opted to leave Overwatch and cut off all contact with its members. He resurfaced after its collapse as a mercenary.

At some point, McCree stopped a robbery at the Rikimaru in Hanamura.

In "Train Hopper", McCree secretly boarded a hypertrain from the American west to Houston. When Talon agents attempted to hijack the train, McCree dispatched them, leaving behind the object they were looking for. The news reports blamed McCree for the raid, but he was not caught. At the time of the Overwatch Recall, McCree was in the American Midwest, near Indiana or Kentucky.

In "Reunion", McCree is on Route 66, eating some apple pie, when an explosive train robbery alerts him to settle the score with his former crew, the Deadlock Gang. McCree reunites with Ashe, and asks for a package on the Gang's payload. Now that McCree mentions it, Ashe refuses to give it up, and a showdown occurs at high noon. McCree quickly dispatches his 6 enemies, hides behind a rock, and throws plundered grenades up into the air. He fans the hammer with incredible precision and detonates all the grenades above their heads, and ties up Ashe. He activates the mysterious package to activate the female AI Echo, telling her that Winston has called for the band to get back together. McCree drives off in Ashe's motorcycle, succeeding in his mission.


McCree is a calm man, rarely showing intense emotions with an element of carefreeness. Although he was once an outlaw, McCree is always looking to do the right thing, trying to atone for his past. He often acts polite and respectful towards both his team and strangers but can be cocky at times. He is also appreciative of weapons and prefers for them to be treated with care, as verified by his dialogue with Reaper. Additionally, he seems to be pretty charming, evidenced by his brief conversation with Ana before a match starts.

Fancying himself as a justice bringing cowboy and having an appearance to match, McCree usually makes multiple references to Western films and culture, as shown by his voice lines and quotes during battle. He also seems to joke about himself being wanted dead by multiple groups, according to his reaction to seeing his picture on a dartboard in Route 66.


Using his Peacekeeper, McCree takes out targets with deadeye precision and can perform a combat roll to dive out of danger, and instantly reload his weapon in the process. Anyone who gets too close will be blinded by his flashbang, and anyone in his sights will risk getting nailed in the head with his pinpoint precision. He can run and gun, as well as stand in place and shoot everyone in his sights in the blink of an eye. He is also a battle genius, as shown in his showdown with the entire Deadlock Gang, where he shoots surfaces in the environment to trigger certain events, and brings down a rockslide to take cover from Ashe's fire. While not in his arsenal (at least not in-game), McCree can utilize grenades and other explosives to his advantage, to either blind his opponents or incapacitate them, without waiting for them to detonate-- he can even shoot them before they even land.

As a gun for hire famous for his meritorious skill, parties big and small seek his mercenarism. However, he only fights for causes that he believes are just. McCree enjoys serving justice with his own two hands. One of his arms is robotic, it is unknown what happened to him. It is also unknown if it boosts his performance in any way, since he shoots with his right, human arm.

In gameplay, his Peacekeeper revolver contains 6 rounds per clip, and it takes 1-2 seconds to reload. His primary fire shoots a heavy bullet that deals 35-70 damage, which can headshot. Alternatively, he can Fan the Hammer to release all of his bullets in less than a second to pump close range enemies full of lead, dealing up to 300 points of damage, enough to instantly kill most heroes. By using Combat Roll, this split second movement ability instantly reloads his gun, and he can then potentially do a double fan-the hammer.

His Flashbang is a close range projectile that stuns enemies for about a second. Fan the Hammer plus Flashbang is a very deadly combo. His ultimate ability is Deadeye, which has an insane range of 200 meters for him to quickly deal severe damage to all enemies in sight, with a high chance of killing. McCree will always targets from left to right.


  • His original name, Jesse McCree, was directly named after the Blizzard employee of the same name. In wake of the Blizzard sex scandals in 2021, casters in Overwatch tournaments refused to say McCree's name due to the real Jesse McCree being a suspect of the scandal and consequentially leaving Blizzard, and fans requested the character to be renamed, which led to him being renamed Cole Cassidy.
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