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Me Bear is a Care Bear and one of three characters introduced in the The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie along with Messy Bear and Too Loud Bear. She is voiced by Tracey Hoyt who also voices Keroleen in Keroppi and Friends and Sailor Mini Moon.


Me Bear has lilac fur and her Belly badge depicts an ornate pink smiling heart-shaped hang mirror.


Vanity, thy name is Me Bear. Almost never seen without her face buried in her trusty hand mirror, this pink prima donna is a queen in her own mind and wants everyone to know it. When she isn't busy thinking, dreaming, or talking about herself, she's commissioning self portraits and glamorizing herself to be even more fabulous. While her behavior is a strain on the patience of even the most tolerant Care Bear, she does have two close friends in the form of the equally hard-to-bear Too Loud Bear and Messy Bear.

Roll in The Care Bears Big Wish Movie

Me Bear makes her debut in the straight-to-video Care Bears film Big Wish Movie along with her friends Messy Bear and Too Loud Bear. When Wish Bear uses her star friend Twinkers to wish for new neighbors, Care-a-Lot is visited by the three troublesome bears who immediately take a liking to their surroundings.

Abusing the wishing power of Twinkers, the three begin to ask for more and more selfish things, which begins the reduce both the Caring Meter and the very color of Care-a-Lot itself. Me Bear herself even wishes for her own amusement park, Me Bear World, dedicated entirely to her favorite subject: herself.

Eventually, their rampant wishing threatens to pull Care-a-Lot apart. After realizing the harm they've caused, the three outsiders are sorry and pledge to help rebuild the Care Bear's home to its former glory with their own hands. Later, when everything is back to normal, the other bears agree to let them stay in Care-a-Lot for good.


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