Meap is an Intergalactic Security Agent who spends most of his time probing deep space for anything that would pose a threat to extraterrestrial order and safety. Though being relatively small and weak by general appearance, Meap possesses sharp wits and remarkable strength. Over the course of his career, he has faced head-on and overcome countless challenges, eventually leading himself to the respected rank he holds today.


Meap is a very brute force. While being small and of seemingly weak demeanor, Meap can easily take on an opponent more than twice his size, showing either a straight face or utter amusement. He seems to be able to shoot a destructive "rainbow beam" from his mouth. He enjoys his job, as he is very good at it, and will smile while on missions. As all members of his race, Meap speaks with a complete straight face when speaking his native language, never truly blinking. He is unable to speak English without a translator mustache as shown in the picture. When a mustache is not in use he can only say the word meap. Meap is very friendly, open to other races with a smile. He was quick to adapt to a level while crashed on the planet Earth, though he was still unaware of several elements, especially to people not understanding his language. He, like humans, is easily annoyed when people are unable to comprehend the simplest of things.

Meap hates and fears his mother-in-law, agreeing with Candace's description of her as a "monster" and running away from her ("The Chronicles of Meap").

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