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Meat Kun
Meat-Kun is the main protagonist of Kinnikuman and part of the Seigi Choujin.

Meat is of Planet Kinniku's Churrasco Clan whom was entrusted by his father Mince to King Kinniku Mayumi of the Kinniku tribe for the greater good of the planet. Meat then is sent to Earth to retrieve the long lost prince Suguru Kinniku(Kinnikuman, known as Suguru Muscle in Ultimate Muscle).

He wears glasses and has the hiragana characters Niku (にく Meat) on his forehead. Also, although a member of the Churrasco Tribe, he has the Kinniku Clan's KIN Mark (KINマーク 'Kin Māku') on his chest that is similar to the old JISMark 〄.

He serves as Kinnikuman's eyes and personal assistant. In the early days he and Kinnikuman frequently quarrel with one another, usually because of Kinnikuman cowardice and/or laziness. They would also often fight over Mari Nikaido's affection.

His glasses are his weakness, whenever they are broken he ceases to function. Also, when he presses his temple a bright light shines from the Niku characters on his forehead.

In Kinnikuman Nisei, he has cryogenically frozen himself in Beverly Park, leaving him with an unchanged appearance, so as to serve Kinnikuman's son Mantaro Kinniku.

He refers to Kinnikuman as Ōji (王子, Prince) (Ōji-sama (王子様) in the earlier chapters) and refers to Mantaro as Nisei(Ⅱ世 Second) (Junior in the English manga).

After Suguru took his rightful throne, Meat was sure evil chojin would return and had Kinkotsuman put him in cryogenic sleep so that he could serve Seigi Choujins of the future. He is awakened by Kinnikuman and Bibinba's son Mantarō, whom he then helps defeat d.M.p member Bone Killer. As with Suguru, Meat accompanies Mantaro nearly everywhere, advising and training him.

During the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara Challenge, Meat is unknowingly reunited with his father, who is currently serving as a Planet Kinniku elder. He learns the truth however, moments before Minch is killed by Bone Cold.

He accompanied Mantaro to the Choujin Olympics: The Resurrection, where he was paired with Ilioukhineduring the final preliminary round. They worked together as a team and came in second place. After Ilioukhine's semi-finals match with Kevin Mask he almost crashes into the ground and suffers a career ending injury, but Meat gets in the way and saves him. As a result, however, he is too injured to assist Mantaro during his finals match against Kevin.

Kinnikuman- Meat kun's theme Meatball No Meat-Kun

Kinnikuman- Meat kun's theme Meatball No Meat-Kun

Meat kun's theme song

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