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When I sleeps, I’m a wolf. When I’m awake, I’m me, Mebh! MEBH ÓG MACTIRE!
~ Mebh.

Mebh Óg MacTíre is the deuteragonist of the 2020 Irish/British animated movie, Wolfwlakers. She is a young Wolfwalker (Humans Who Can Turn Into Wolves) living in the woods near Kilkenny in the XVII century with her mother, Moll Óg MacTíre, and their pack of wolves. One day, her life was completely turned upside down when she crossed paths with Robyn Goodlfellowe and accidentally made her become a Wolfwalker.

She is voiced by Eva Whittaker.

Physical Apparence

Robyn: Is that your mummy back in the cave?
Mebh: Of course! Sure don’t I look like her?
~ Mebh about her resemblance with her mother.

In her human form, Mebh is a 9-year-old wild little girl with green eyes sporting thick red hair as long as her body and having a scraped left ear. Her feet are very dirty because of her life in nature. She looks a lot like her mother.

In her Wolf form, Mebh has a brown coat with thick fur around her head and she also retains her green eyes. She looks a lot like her mother in wolf form but is much smaller, also being smaller than Robyn in wolf form due to the fact that Robyn is older.


Stay here in the forest. It’s great. Loads of running. Playing. Eating, messing, climbing.
~ Mebh.

Fearless, adventurous and wild by nature, Mebh is a true fiery free spirit, both in her human form and in her wolf form. She is very childish, enjoying making Robyn go crazy on various occasions and having fun stealing food from the shepherds. Besides her joker humor, Mebh is very proud of her Wolfwalker heritage and fully embraces her mystical abilities. She also loves her mother unconditionally and did everything to save her from death when Moll's life was at its worst.

Despite his recklessness and laid back demeanor, Mebh does everything possible to keep the Wolfwalkers safe from human cruelty, reminding the pack not to show up in broad daylight or trying to heal Robyn from the bite she has taken to him. inflicted before the effects were irreversible although she did not have time to do so.

Due to the harsh nature of the people of Kilkenny, Mebh dislikes and distrusts normal humans and scares them whenever she can to keep them away from the forest. Upon meeting Robyn, Mebh was initially hostile towards him but after some tense and eccentric events at the same time, the two girls quickly forged a deep bond and forged a beautiful friendship. This friendship however ended when Mebh felt betrayed by Robyn breaking his promise to help him save his mother. The contempt of the people of Mebh also reached a whole new level after her unsuccessful attempt to save Moll, yelling at the people that she and the pack will ravage the girl and eat them all. Mebh however became calm and kind again when she was reunited with her beloved mother before even launching the attack. When Robyn sincerely apologized for what she had done to him, Mebh was still angry with him but eventually forgave him, restoring their friendship which eventually evolved into something much stronger. In the end, the two Wolfwalker daughters are now like sisters.

Powers and Ability

I’m no girl! I’m a Wolfwalker!
~ Mebh.
  • Agility : Having lived her entire life in the wild, Mebh is more agile than average in her human form and much more in her wolf form.
  • Transformation : Mebh can squeeze her soul out of her body and physically turn her into a wolf when she sleeps, increasing her physical capacities. If she bites someone in her wolf form, she will transfer Wolfwalker magic to them, also changing them to Wolfwalkers.
  • Speed : Already fast to normal, Mebh can run at greater speed in her wolf form and jumped across a cliff in one jump.
  • Increased Smell and Hearing : In her wolf form, Mebh can see and smell smells much better than normal wolves. Her hearing is also superior, being able to hear noises and vibrations at several meters around her.
  • Healing : Wolfwalker magic allows Mebh to heal wounds. She even saved her mother from death by filling her magic with the help of the pack, Robyn and Bill.


Mebh is to have seen with his mother when the wolves attack the shepherd Seán Óg Woodcutter. The two Wolfwalkers then heal Seán's wounds and then Moll sends him back to Kilkenny. Knowing that their existence was in jeopardy, Moll set off on her own to seek a new refuge, much to Mebh's concern.

Sometime after that, as the pack attacked the shepherds and their sheep, Mebh watched from the greenery. At the time, Robyn arrived and tried to shoot the wolves with a harpalette, only to accidentally shoot Merlyn, her hawk. Mebh then picked up the bird while growling at Robyn when she started to approach before returning to the woods.

Later, Mebh, in her wolf form, spots Robyn in the root trail not far from the lair. She approaches the Apprentice Huntress who at the sight of the canine tries to shoot her down with her crossbow until a healed Merlyn steals the arrow as Mebh continues to advance, presumably due to the bird knowing that Mebh is the wolf. Robyn then gets her leg caught in a rope trap and finds herself suspended in the air, causing Mebh to comically attempt to free her but she gets punched several times by Robyn and accidentally ends up biting her while severing the rope. Out of guilt and forgiveness, Mebh licks Robyn's bite before leaving with Merlyn.

Back in the lair, Mebh returns to his human body and grimly invites Robyn who had followed him to show up because she and her wolves have already smelled the scent of the city-dweller she considers stinking. Once Robyn is surrounded by the wolves Mebh calls them back and demands a thank you from Robyn for saving her life earlier but Robyn disagrees with her due to the bite so Mebh reminds her that she hit him when she just wanted to get her down to the ground and Robyn had nothing to do in her antlers anyway. Mebh then glances at the human before healing the bite mark with her Wolfwalker magic. Healed, Robyn guesses that it was Mebh who cured Merlyn, which she confirms before urging Robyn to leave but when the Apprentice Huntress lingers too long, Mebh warns her that the wolves will eat her if she doesn't. Don't go until you drop them on Robyn anyway, with no real unhealthy attention.

A comedic chase in the forest ensues with Mebh and his wolves hunting Robyn for fakes. Upon learning that Robyn thinks she is a hunter, Mebh doesn't take her seriously because she is just a little girl, to which Robyn responds the same about her but Mebh proudly claims to be a Wolfwalker before she submit by full name and ask for the name of the so-called huntress. Robyn tries to break company with the Wolves but gets caught in a trap again and Mebh releases her again after announcing the score of two for her and nothing for Robyn. The young Wolfwalker then senses the presence of Bill Goodfellow, Robyn's father behind the magical foliage halfway to the lair and plans to attack him with his wolves but Robyn stops her in time. Once Bill is gone, Mebh sends the wolves back to the den and then walks Robyn out of the forest blindfolded to make sure she doesn't come back. Her attention is however diverted by the smell of the Shepherds' Bread, which she can't prevent herself to steal under their noses, retrieving Robyn's crossbow in the process.

After that, Robyn and Mebh get to know each other better and end up befriending in part out of their deep desire to be free. Mebh invites Robyn to stay in the forest only so that Robyn refuses as she doesn't want to leave her father and the forest continues to shrink because of the citizens, although Mebh is sure she only has to scare them and that in any case, the Wolfwalker and the Wolves will leave for somewhere else when Moll returns. Robyn offers to help Mebh and asks her to wait for her tomorrow at the big tree and promises that she will bring her more "town tasties", which Mebh accepts.

At nightfall, Mebh wanders into the cave entrance in her wolf form before being accidentally hit by another wolf, sending them rolled to the other end of the lair. She immediately crunches at the other wolf until the intruder turns out to be Robyn. Lamenting at first that he failed to correct his mistake, Mebh quickly sees Robyn's situation as awe-inspiring since the Wolfwalkers became scarce. She then helps Robyn explore her new abilities, along with a wonderful walk in the woods with the pack and a moonlit bark. Returning to the city, Robyn offers to help Mebh find Moll, which the Forest Girl accepts after her new friend is promised to her.

Time goes by and Mebh still waits until Merlyn comes to tell her that Robyn is not coming. Not understanding, she goes to Kilkenny, infiltrates the Lord Protector's castle and finds Robyn there in the midst of her duties. Mebh berates her friend for not coming as promised but when it comes to talking about her mother, Robyn reveals to her that she has found Moll who wants Mebh and the pack to run away as far as possible before they do be discovered. Refusing to abandon her mother and faced with the refusal of a Robyn plagued by the doubts of the helped despite the promise she had made her, Mebh leaves saddened and angry, still determined to save Moll.

As the young Wolfwalker sadly walks down the street, Cromwell exhibits a captive Moll in front of the locals. Mebh tries to intervene but this fact locked in the wooden cage of the street brats by Robyn who believes to do it for her good. At the sight of her mother chained and martyred by his captors, Mebh breaks the cage and rushes onto the stage to try to free his mother, fighting in the process against the henchmen of Cromwell and Bill. The former hunter eventually catches her and then tries to chain her to the blows, which fails thanks to Moll's intervention who bites Bill's arm, allowing Mebh to free herself from his grip. Unable to do anything on her own, Mebh again escapes the soldiers and climbs the city walls to shout to all the locals that she is a Wolfwalker and that she is going to bring the pack here to free her mother, even threatening to feed on the inhabitants. She then gives a bark that the wolves can hear in the distance.

At the edge of the forest, Mebh is about to launch the attack when, to her delight, a Moll freed by Robyn is reunited with her. Ashamed of what she did, Robyn offers a sincere apology to Mebh who although initially still resentful but encouraged by her mother eventually forgives her, restoring their friendship. Unfortunately, Moll is shot by Bill much to the horror of Mebh, Robyn and the pack. Using her magic with all his might, Mebh manages to keep Moll alive by transforming her mother's wolf body back into spirit to return with her human body.

Following Moll's spirit to the lair, Mebh is horrified by her mother's condition, knowing that she has never healed anything so bad before. As soon as she begins her magical ritual, the lair is bombarded by the cannons of Cromwell's army. To save the time necessary for Mebh, Robyn in her wolf form will hold back the enemy, supported by the wolves under the order of Mebh. As the fight turns in favor of the wolves, Mebh does her best but it's not enough until she notices paintings on the walls showing a Wolfwalker being supported by wolves to amplify her magic. She immediately recalls the wolves but becomes worried when Robyn does not return with them. Even with the help of the pack, Mebh's magic is still not enough. Suddenly Robyn returned to her human form and a Bill who became a Wolfwalker after the bite Moll inflicted on him during the skirmish in Kilkenny join the ritual after ending the threat of the now dead Cromwell and their extra magics save the life of Moll. With her mother, Mebh accepts Robyn and a repentant Bill as theirs now.

Some time later, the now four Wolfwalkers arrive at their new home. Letting their human bodies sleep in the cart, Mebh and Robyn happily frolic with the pack then climb a hill to utter a magnificent bark.


You can come out now. We can smell you. Yeah, you stink. I knew you were here. Come out of your hidey-hole. Let’s see you.
~ Mebh knowing that Robyn is hiding in the lair.
Robyn: Don’t kill me.
Mebh: Ha! I do what I like. Come here.
Robyn: You’re… You’re a...a…
Mebh: A Wolfwalker. So what? You should thank me.
Robyn: Why?
Mebh: I saved your life.
Robyn: Saved me? You bit me!
Mebh: Well, you kicked me in the gob enough times.
Robyn: Well, you were attacking me.
Mebh: I was trying to get you out of that trap. And anyway, you came into my woods.
Robyn: Your woods? They’re our woods. Your wolves are attacking the woodcutters and the sheep.
Mebh: They should be staying closer to the town and so should you, townie. Now give us a look at you. [Mebh pulls her cheeks to see Robyn's teeth] Are you seeing things?
Robyn: Ugh! Get off me!
Mebh: How’s your smell? [Mebh sniffs Robyn's underarms]
Robyn: Ugh! Stop it!
Mebh: Smells like townie. Any extra fur? [Mebh nibbles her hair]
Robyn: Ugh! That’s mine! Get away! [Pushes Mebh back from her hair and Mebh takes her bitten arm]
Mebh: Now, stop moving and let me fix it before it’s too late.
Robyn: Hey, get off me! [Robyn withdraws her arm from Mebh]
Mebh: Will you stop? [Mebh takes Robyn's arm again]Let me fix it!
Robyn: Ugh! Fine.
~ Mebh argues with Robyn before healing the bite she gave her.
Mebh: Run away, townie girl! The wolves are after you! Can’t get away from us, townie!
Robyn: Get away from me!
Mebh: But you’re so slow. Scared of your shadows, you are. What would a townie know about wolves? Why do you have so much stuff?
Robyn: Hey, stop! That’s my gear for hunting!
Mebh: Oh, a hunter. Ha! A little girl like you?
Robyn: Uh, well, you’re a girl too.
Mebh: I’m no girl! I’m a Wolfwalker!
~ Mebh having fun chasing Robyn.
Mebh: Caught again. Some hunter. That’s two for me, none for you. [Spin Robyn]
Robyn: Whoa! Ugh. Stop being so annoying. It’s not funny, you know. Argh! Let me down!
Mebh: All right, townie. If you say so.
Robyn: No, wait! Oh! [Robyn falls to the Ground] Oh! Hey! Stop calling me “townie.”
Mebh: All right, Robyn. Back home with you. Fun’s over.
Robyn: Well, Mebh Ogamacatemera, your idea…
~ A playful moment between Mebh and Robyn.
I am a Wolfwalker! I’m getting my wolves and coming back for my mammy! Then we’ll eat you all!
~ Mebh's breakdown.
It’s time for us to attack those townies! Let’s eat them all! They have my…[Sees her mother arrive in front of her] Mammy? Mammy. Mammy! Mammy. Mammy, you’re back. (Moll: Mebh. Mm. I thought I would never see you again… until this one freed me.) (Robyn: Mebh, I’m so sorry. I was only trying to keep you safe. Trying to help. I didn’t know what to do. I was…I’m sorry, Mebh.) Aw, come here to me, townie. (Robyn: I’m not a townie anymore, Mebh.) Thanks for helping Mammy.
~ Mebh finally reunited with her mother and forgive Robyn for her mistake.



  • According to her, she could have prevented Robyn from becoming a Wolfwalker if she had healed her in time.