Medieval Spawn

Medieval Spawn real name Sir John of York  is a supporting character in the Spawn comics.


Medieval Spawn was both a knight and Hellspawn from the medieval era of 16th century England.

Due to Lord Carnadile's invasion of the Elven world of Faerie, a time portal opened thrusting Medieval Spawn into the Top Cow Universe. When he found Katatrine Godliffie, who recently discovered the Witchblade, under attack, he aided her in fighting off the invading troops. After a short discussion, they agreed to travel to nearby Faerie and vanquish the invading armies.

Upon arriving, they were aided by Achon into infiltrating the castle and battling the Lord Carnale. Katarina removed the invading lord's head and they returned home, successful upon their victory. Spawn returned to his home timeline and left the Top Cow Universe.

While still a new Hellspawn, Medieval Spawn fought the Violator who would drive away his love and was stalked by an agent of Heaven, Angela. He was lured into an isolated cave and was murdered by the experience Hellspawn slayer by her Dimension Lance.

The 2018 Medieval Spawn and Witchblade comic features a newversion of Medieval Spawn, King Valon, who is completely unrelated to Sir John of York — who also encountered and fought alongside a host of the Witchblade in 1996's Medieval Spawn/Witchblade crossover.

Medieval spawn appears in 297 as apart of the recap stating if Simmons ever find out the power to bring the hellspawns of past,present,and future together as his army he would be unnstopable. in the summery of 302 it seems that Medieval Spawn does get revived. Issue 303 reveals that the vacitan hold him priosner and the ope in 304 sends him to prove himself towards god by hunting down rogue agents of heaven starting with Eddie Frank.

Powers and Ablitlies

A a kngiht and Hellspawn John has superhuman strength,speed,stamina,and durablity. As well as the ability to use Nercoplasium and swordsman ship.

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