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Meechee is the tritagonist of Smallfoot.

She is voiced by Zendaya.



Meechee is the Stonekeeper's daughter and the secret leader of the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society. After showing Migo the wonders of life and that it's okay to be curious (Wonderful Life), she convinces Migo to be lowered below the clouds despite the stones telling them that there is nothing underneath.

Migo later returns with a smallfoot, Percy, and Percy teaches Meechee about his life. Despite not speaking the same language, Meechee and Percy become friends. Later, Percy begins experiencing altitude sickness. Stonekeeper locks him in a box, but Meechee takes Percy away to return him home.

After dropping off Percy, Meechee becomes distracted by the wonders in Kathmandu and accidentally causes a disruption. Meechee is attacked by the police, but is rescued by GwangiKolka and Migo. Eventually, all four yetis make it home safely.




  • Her best friend is Kolka.
  • She secretly is really keen on Migo and has a huge crush on him but doesn’t say anything to him about her feelings towards him until the end.
  • Her older brother is Thorp.
  • It is implied that the Stonekeeper prefers Meechee over Thorp, since he complains about not getting enough hugs as a child.
  • She’s the leader of the S.E.S. Club
  • She’s an amazing singer. Her main song in the movie is ’Wonderful Life’
  • She is most likely ambidextrous, as in Wonderful Life she draws a question mark on her wall using her right hand, however throws a rock at the snail using her left.
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