Be the leaf
~ Meelo

Meelo Meelo is the third child and the first son of Tenzin and Pema, and grandson of Avatar Aang and Katara. He resides on Air Temple Island with the rest of his family. The young airbender has two older sisters, Jinora and Ikki, and a younger brother named Rohan.



Even though he is an airbender-in-training, Meelo has already demonstrated several skills. Apart from displaying a high level of acrobatics, Meelo can also levitate himself with an air spout. During the invasion of Air Temple Island, he showed remarkable skill in combative airbending, defeating six Equalists on his own. Meelo is quite agile, able to lightly jump from his grandmother's grip and flip to the ground. Several months after the Equalists' attack on Republic City, Meelo mastered the ability to use an air scooter, utilizing it in a race against his sisters and Korra, as well as using a glider, whereas a year prior, he was still piggybacking on Jinora's glider.

Meelo is the only known airbender to use his bending abilities to increase the effects of his own flatulence. This was demonstrated when he dropped in on Team Avatar after cheering up Korra, during the Equalist attack on Air Temple Island, and again when he was fighting off vines in the swamp four years later.

Other skills

Despite his childish and goofy demeanor, Meelo is a fast and adept learner. He quickly mastered his father's lemur training techniques, to the point that he was able to train the entire group of lemurs that lived at the Southern Air Temple, directing them in a coordinated aerial display.

He has also displayed an inclination toward the military lifestyle, having an interest to become a commander like his uncle Bumi. He has shown this in his command of the lemurs of the Southern Air Temple and his role in liberating the stolen bison from the poachers alongside the new airbenders, leading the charge with Bumi in an organized assault.

Meelo is a gifted artist, being able to make detailed and lifelike portraits of people, such as Korra. He has also demonstrated proficiency in painting, being able to paint a highly detailed portrait of himself.

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