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I don't know, but... I wanna try.
~ Meena's reply when asked if she can sing in front of an audience

Meena is an anthropomorphic elephant and main character of Illlumination's seventh feature film Sing. She has both an angelic singing voice and severe stage fright.

She is voiced by singer Tori Kelly. In the Japanese dub from the movie, she is voiced by Misia.


Meena has grey skin, large ears, two short tufts of hair on her head. Usually, Meena wears a light blue hoodie with white stripes on each arm, blue jeans, and pink and white tennis shoes. During her performance of "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing", Meena wears a dark blue dress with white diamond patterns on its upper half, as well as white high heeled shoes.


Meena is a teenager with a kind heart and soft spoken demeanor. In private, she displays a talent and love for singing. However, Meena's initially refuses to sing publicly due to severe stage fright. When overcome with shyness, Meena's elephant ears fold inward to cover the sides of her face (much like how nervous humans hide behind their hair).


Meena is introduced giving a cake to her grandfather while her mother and grandmother sing "Happy Birthday to You". When Meena belts out the final line, her grandfather proclaims that he would be a superstar if he had a voice like hers. Meena simply tells him to blow out his birthday candles. That night, flyers for Buster Moon's singing competition are accidentally scattered throughout the city; Meena's mother and grandfather find one and encourage her to apply.

On the day of the auditions, Meena intends to compete with a performance of "Chandelier". Once onstage, however, she freezes up, and is ultimately shooed out by fellow contestant Mike. Her grandfather puts his foot down and tells her to demand another chance from Buster. Returning to the Moon Theater with a cake, Meena attempts to ask for a re-audition, but her timidness hampers her ability to communicate, and Buster offers her a job as a stagehand instead. Returning home, Meena is greeted by her family and neighbors, who celebrate when she admits that she "sort of" has a role in the show.

After scheduling a private rehearsal for old starlet Nana Noodleman, Buster, with Meena's help, constructs a special glass stage full of water and bioluminescent squids. Due to the loss of a few contestants, Buster also encourages Meena to participate in the show, repeating the advice his father gave him to not let fear stop her from doing what she loves. However, everything goes wrong when three bears interrupt, demanding money that Mike cheated from them. This altercation begins a series of events that leads to the destruction of the Moon Theater. Meena is emotionally crushed, but physically unharmed, and joins the other contestants in attempt to convince Buster to stage his show anyway. Buster, completely defeated, turns them all down. Meena, the last to leave, reminds him of the advice he gave her, but Buster lashes out, hurting her feelings.

While Buster resigns himself to a lifetime of car-washing, Meena visits the Moon Theater ruins, closes her eyes, and starts singing "Hallelujah", attracting his attention. His confidence restored, Buster asks her if she can sing like that in front of a live audience. Meena still doubts herself but states that she wants to try. Together, the performers construct an open air stage in the theater ruins. Meena is the last to perform in the concert; when it's finally her turn, she freezes, but Buster and the other acts provide moral support. She starts soft but eventually belts out a spectacular rendition of "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing". In the end, the show is a complete success and Meena, along with her family and the other perform ers, attends the grand opening of the New Moon Theater.


Uh, Mr. Moon? My name is Meena, and I baked a cake for you and, uh, I was wondering if you'd, maybe, give me a second chance to...
~ Meena attempting to ask for a re-audition
I can sing, but I get so scared.
~ Meena to Buster
I baked a cake for you 'cause... Well, I know you're sad right now and probably afraid to try again and...
~ Meena attempting to cheer up Buster after the Moon Theater's collapse
I can't move! I'm terrified!
~ Meena freezing up when it's her turn to perform

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