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Meene is a minor protagonist from Dragalia Lost who was the caretaker of Ilia during "Forgotten Truths". She is the true founder of the Ilian Church.

She is voiced by Yukana Nogami in Japanese who latter voiced Notte and Nefaria and is voiced by Stephanie Iszak in English, who latter voiced Sinoa and Cerberus.


Meene is a faerie with turquoise hair and blue wings. However, it is established at the end of her debut event that she tore off her wings to stand-in for Ilia as the goddess, which has her being the goddess presented in legends.


A princess of the Faerie Kingdom who left her homeland for her growth period to learn of the outside world, and ended up becoming a foster mother to Ilia. The motherly love she felt changed the once-timid Meene for good.


Long ago, Meene was the one who looked after Ilia, showing concern when the alchemist ran off and got into trouble. However, she and Ilia find themselves having to avoid Elysium due to the dragon wanting to force Ilia into making a pact with him for his own benefit.

It isn't until they meet an auspex from the future named Zethia who informs Ilia that she does eventually make a pact with Elysium. During the story, Ilia creates a body for a spirit she finds and names him Mordecai. Meene starts off uneasy, but decides to let Ilia look after him.

Eventually, Ilia decides to make the pact, which results in her seemingly getting killed by Elysium. Mordecai, disheartened and infuriated, transforms into Morsayati. The group fight the monster until it is revealed that Ilia is still alive and reaches out, causing Mordecai to seperate from Morsayati as everybody works together to seal the demon away. However, Mordecai sees himself to be just as much of a threat and jumps into the same portal the group banish Morsayati into. Ilia, not wanting Mordecai to be alone, follows.

Losing Ilia caused extreme grief toward Meene that she tears off her wings knowing that she would be banished from the faerie kingdom for doing so, and she takes up the mantle of the goddess Ilia all the way to the end of her life. However, during her time, she makes a pact with Midgardsormr Zero to create a dawnshard that would later become the legendary sword known as Dragalia.


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