Megan Garris

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Megan Garris is the main deuteragonist in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and a sole survivor of the group of new counselors in the reopen of Camp Crystal Lake.


Megan was the daughter of Mike Garris and a mother who are both deceased. She was the best friend of Paula and Sissy Baker. She was often rebellious and back-talked her father quite frequently. She had a crush on Tommy Jarvis and was one of the few people to trust him when informed of Jason Voorhees's resurrection, despite her father's wishes for her to stay away from him, though he and the other cops found out that Tommy was telling the truth and he wasn't behind the murders. She risked her life to help him, helping him evade the her father's police force while he searched for a way to trap and destroy Jason. Though all of her friends, fellow counselors, father, two of his officers, 5 people playing paintball, Tommy's friend Allen, Martin the gravekeeper of Eternal Peace Cemetery, and a couple named Steven and Annette are killed, she and Tommy manage to defeat Jason by chaining him to the bottom of Crystal Lake, the very place where he was thought to have originally drowned as a child. A funeral was later held for all who was killed in Jason Lives.

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