I once told Optimus that I kill for the sake of killing. I wanted to make him hurt me, you see, because when he hurts others, he hurts himself. And the thing is, when those words were in my head I didn't think I meant them; but when they left my mouth, I realized that I did. If the world thinks you're a monster, what does it matter? The world is wrong. But when you start to think of yourself as a monster...
~ Megatron, explaining why he became an Autobot to Ravage,Slaughterhouse

Megatron was an antagonist turned protagonist from the comic book series The Transformers More than Meet The Eyes and it's sequel The Lost Light. This comic also features a newly antiheroic Megatron, looking for a new purpose in life and atonement.



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Dark Cybertron

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More Than Meets the Eye

The founder and former leader of the Decepticons who's suffered a realization and became "co-captain" after convincing those at his trial that only the Knights Of Cybertron could fairly judge him. Though rigid and strict, he hopes to redeem himself through the crew's quest and to rekindle his writer persona.

The Dying of the Light

Lost Light



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