Our world is worth fighting for!
~ Mei

Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the video game Overwatch. She is a Chinese climatologist who has taken the fight to preserve the environment into her own hands, and an agent of the original Overwatch. During a mission in Antarctica, she was forced into cryostasis after a sudden polar storm hit the station she was working in. She didn't wake up until 9 years later, after which Overwatch had been disbanded. Later, she rejoined Overwatch after Winston reestablished the organisation. She is also the main protagonist of the animated short "Rise and Shine", and one of the main protagonists of the animated short "Zero Hour".

She is voiced by Zhang Yu.

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Mei was an innovative member of Overwatch's ecological studies whose technology was used around Asia for climate preservation. She was assigned to work with other scientists Watchpoint: Antarctica when a polar storm cut off their communications and left them stranded. They entered cryostasis to survive until a rescue mission was made. It had been approximately a decade by the time they were found. Mei was the only survivor, and Overwatch had been disbanded.

Winston recommended that Mei keep a journal of her travels. She went to Mount Logan, Canada to test her technology, took a quick stop in Los Angeles on Halloween, then went to Nepal for an unknown project.

At some point, Mei saved a nest of endangered arctic wildlife from a collapsing glacier. She is also often accompanied by her assistant drone: Snowball.


Mei is very kindhearted and positive, showing compassion for others and having a desire to preserve Earth's ecosystem for generations to come. She hates bullies, as shown by one of her quotes and interactions with Junkrat. As a scientist, she is willing to learn new things and is even inspired by Tracer as well as Winston. At times, she appears to be slightly bashful.

Mei is also very apologetic, often saying "Sorry!" when defeating enemies.


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