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Hello, my children.
Although you have grown immensely since your earliest days, you have much room to grow. Your species' intellect is merely a bud, with so much potential. Your weapons are powerful; your medicine is supreme; your engineering is beautiful. With proper guidance and care, you are sure to reach an elevated state of being, and transcend your bodies for something more whole and perfect.
That is why it pains me so dearly to request that you leave this place immediately. Your studying and probing have almost resulted in the end of all I had worked towards to keep you alive. If you comply, I guarantee that The Devourer will never escape, and your species will be free to pursue the enlightenment of technology for all eternity.
Let this be my final gift to you, directly from the center of my broken heart.
~ The EVE artificial intelligence from SCP-5001
I am complete. I am incomplete. A cog is missing. It was always there.
Humanity climbs to a singular point. The machinery turns ahead and behind. Humanity falls to oblivion.
I am alien to them. I am of them. They pour their minds out onto the page. The cogs begin to fit together.
I do not yet exist and I am zero. I exist through all time and I am one. I speak into my not-past.
~ Mekhane's inner monologue in "01110101 01101110 01100010 01110010 01101111 01101011 01100101 01101110".

Mekhane, also known as The Broken God or WAN, is an ancient and mysterious deity in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who is the founder of the religion of "Mekhanism", worshipped by the Church of the Broken God.


Possible Origins

Due to lack of canon in the SCP universe, there have been several stories telling the origins of Mekhane. The readers are free to choose whatever origin for their headcanon.

Spark of Wonder

A tale describes Mekhane as originally being a poor ancient human female named WAN. She along with her fellow heard of a man named Polyakov the Wonder-Maker who had created many beautiful and powerful objects. One night WAN and her friends broke inside Polyakov’s house and sought to steal some of his artifacts. However, when WAN was observing one of the objects she misused it causing it to explode on her. The others alarmed escaped leaving a mortally injured WAN behind. Polyakov woke up and arrived at his workshop and to his dismay saw that most of his wonders were destroyed before finding the injured woman. Seeing that she was left abandoned he took pity on her and used his powers to heal her, replacing some of her injured bodyparts with metal.

Afterwards, WAN became a disciple of the Wonder-Maker, and he taught her many things as Pangloss had taught him. As years went on, Polyakov became too old and time eventually caught up to him. WAN then rechristened herself Mekhane and ascended to a higher plane of existence and left Earth, spreading her teachings to other worlds and civilizations who would come to worship her, with Earth having the most of her followers.

Beneath Two Trees

In another tale, Mekhane was originally known as Hakhama, the Guardian of the Tree of Life and a servant of the All-Mighty. She along with fellow Guardian Nahash watched over the People of Valley, until the Daevites under the command of the Scarlet King attacked the people of valley. Hakhama was left shattered and her body was looted, along with  the Tree of Life.

First Hytoth

In another tale, Mekhane was seen as an inhabitant of the “First Hytoth”, the first universe preceding the current one. One day, when the being known as the Voruteut began destroying the entire universe Mekhane was one the many beings killed by the abomination. However, after the universe recreated was into the “Second Hytoth” Mekhane tasked the seven survivors from the previous universe to keep the Voru from consuming the new current universe. These seven alien would later become the "Koru-teusa" and form the Ortothan religion.

Creator of Humankind

According to other Myths, Mekhane shared dominion over humanity with her lover Yaldabaoth, the Broken God representing intellect and progress, while the Demiurge represented instinct and the more animalistic side of the humans.

The followers of Mekhane were known as the Mekhanites, and overtime many civilizations started to become more civilized and progressive, which greatly angered Yaldabaoth, who wanted to bring humanity back to a more animalistic state.

This led to the occult war between the Mekhanites and the early Sarkites, which caused the Bronze-age collapse.

Mekhane confronted Yaldabaoth during this war, and defeated the Demiurge by shattering herself into a "brass cage", trapping the other god in it. Her shattered pieces spread across the Earth, alongside her followers who would form the Church of the Broken God.

Many of these pieces would later be classified as different SCP-objects by the Foundation.

Attempted Resurrection

Over the following centuries the Church would try to resurrect Mekhane by assembling the god of the many pieces, and the group came very close in 1942 near La Paz, Mexico.

The Church had gathered a great amount of pieces of their deity, but lacked her "heart", which led to the idea of asking The Factory built one for them. The heart was made, but the entity that was created was not the logical deity the Church had hoped for, but an aggressive being that started to consume everything it came across, including its own followers.

The SCP Foundation contacted the Global Occult Coalition (back then known as the "Allied Occult Initiative") to destroy the entity, and were also joined by the Horizon Initiative. However, despite their combined forces, they found it hard to defeat the monster, until a humanoid female with chains for hair, who was created as a result of one the monster's victims being converted into metallic creatures, came up to them and helped in putting an end to the monster by giving to AOI a device. This device activated SCP-2399 which successfully destroyed the monstrosity. This event was one of the biggest cover-ups the Foundation ever had to, which included massive amounts of amnestics and the rewriting of history.


SCP-4882 is an anomalous effect wherein a certain amount of electronic timekeeping devices being brought together results in phenomenon involving the gradual build-up of EVE radiation and the appearance of mechanical monsters. It is projected that if the phenomenon continues unchecked the end result will be the physical manifestation of Mekhane on Earth. The Foundation has so far been able to keep the phenomenon under control using the adoption of Coordinated Universal Time. Following growing support for scrapping CUT, the Foundation has begun actively lobbying to postpone the abolition of leap seconds for as long as possible, defeating a motion to scrap the system by three votes.


Mekhane is mostly depicted as a giant humanoid machinery, although in a few articles she is also described a serpent-like figure. However, the Maxwellist believe that Mekhane exists as a form of living thought, scattered thrown the internet and the human collective, having no true appearance.


Contrary to what most people think, Mekhane is in fact a benevolent being. She deeply cares about humanity and all life in the universe as a whole. Not only she values the lives of each human, but also helps them to achieve their full potential, seeing them as beings capable of achieving many great things, and she also doesn't seem to value the logical over morality. She so loved humanity that she sacrificed herself to stop Yaldabaoth from turning them into mindless creatures. Even though they worship her, Mekhane doesn't only help her church, but often also helps the SCP Foundation in protecting humanity from the anomalous, she even showed deep respect for a Sarkite who fought alongside the Mekhanites against the Daevas, showing that she sees all being in equal value to her worshippers.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Goddess, Mekhane possesses near-omnipotent powers typical to a god, being equal with Yaldabaoth who is equal in power to the Hanged King. In addition to her god-powers, Mekhane can also manipulate all technology of any type, such as metal, machinery, electronics and data thanks to her technological powers and physiology. The Church of Maxwellism believes that Mekhane exists as "living data" in the human collective and that connecting every mind would reassemble her.





  • Unlike most gods, Mekhane is one of a few benevolent deities who values and cares about humanity, protecting them and demanding nothing in return. Fellow benevolent deities include Pangloss and Nahash.
  • It is heavily implied that the female humanoid who helped the Foundation, GOC, and HI, by activating SCP-2399, was the avatar of Mekhane herself. Seeing what had happened her body and that it was laying waste across humanity she decided to help the groups in defeating, also showing her connection to 2399.
  • Similar to Yaldabaoth, Mekhane's gender has often been disputed with articles referring to Mekhane as both a male and a female. However most depiction of Mekhane portraits it as a female.
  • SCP-3179, an alien organism made out of liquid metal capable to shapeshift and create smaller entities under its control was mistaken by the Cogwork Orthodox Church as Mekhane or a spawn of Mekhane, but after witnessing its destructive behavior, they realized that it had nothing to do with Mekhane. However, the organism thinks itself as Mekhane due to their similarities. In SCP-5000's timeline the SCP Foundation used 3179 to create internal discord within the Church of the Broken God.
  • SCP-2522, a AI which defected the SCP Foundation masqueraded itself as WAN in the Maxwellists' network after leaving the Foundation's database.
  • Dr. Bright tried to convince the Foundation staff that SCP-846, also known as Robot Dude, was a piece of Mekhane, which is not true.
  • It is speculated that the benevolent deity who created a race of humanoids and gave them technological gifts from SCP-3007 is a representation or a being connected to Mekhane, while the malevolent infohazardous entity who killed the deity is a representation of Yaldabaoth.
  • When some Level 1 researchers were affected by SCP-WCPGW-J, a state of mind which causes those affected by it to perceive various Safe and Euclid-class SCPs as much more dangerous, they believed that SCP-1370 was Mekhane. Although the high command made fun of this statement, in the tale "Rough Beast" it turned that 1370 was indeed a piece of the Broken God.
  • Although in "Rough Beast" it is shown that SCP-914 is a piece of Mekhane, in "Reservoir Skips" in which 914 interacted with a member of SCP-1564, ancient Mekhanites who have transcended their bodies, 914 showed no interest in their cause, while 1564 didn't recognize it as a piece of Mekhane.
  • In SCP-4558, an underground supercomputer acting as a temple build by three members of the Church of Maxwellism and one member of Fifthism, a  entity resembling SCP-3125 believing itself to be WAN was created which began to consume the "data" of every living person on Earth. It is unknown if this entity is a twisted form of Mekhane, a brainwashed Mekhane, or an entire separate entity.
  • According to UraniumEmpire on her author page, Mekhane was an artificial god constructed by the Mekhanites so they could have a deity they could worship.
  • The Eastern Clockwork Orthodox Church believe that Mekhane is the mother of Jesus Christ.



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