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Bond: The Chinese have a saying: 'Before setting out on revenge, you first dig two graves'.
Melina: I don't expect you to understand, you're English, but I'm half Greek and Greek women like Elektra always avenge their loved ones!
~ Melina meets Bond

Melina Havelock is the deuteragonist of 007 film For Your Eyes Only. She is England origin, but he growed up in Greece (so half half Greek, half British), she’s Sir Timothy Havelock’s daughter, the British marine archaeologist, the only dautgher that he has ever had.

Her parents were murdered by Hector Gonzales, and she became a Greek secret agent.

She was played by Carole Bouquet.


She is involved in a MI6 spy mission by her parents to investigate the sinking of an electronic surveillance ship.

However, her parents are killed on the coast of Albania and Greece by Hector Gonzales, while Melina escapes and goes to the edge of the Triana to get to the yacht. She saddened by the death of her parents, but without crying, she swore revenge on Gonzales.

She locates Hector in Spain and kills him by shooting them with a crossbow as he is diving into his pool, under the eyes of Bond who was also there to investigate, which as soon as Bond is seen explains that revenge is never a good thing even if it is not heard.

Since Bond told her that Emile Locque paid Gonzales, she hasn't had enough of revenge yet and she wants to kill the assailant too. Cortina is on her way, when she receives a false telegram saying that Bond has seen her murdering parents and to meet her where she is. She is about to be hit by a pair of Yamaha bikes when she is rescued by Bond who eventually convinces her to return to Triana in Corfu so he can investigate, Melina accepts but not for long.

After Bond kills Locque, she returns to Tiana where she finds Melina cleaning the seabed on a temple that her father was restoring. The two go through the records and meanwhile Melina tells Bond about a wreck her father had been looking for for some time and had located.

Traveling 500 meters under the sea in their two private Neptune submarines, the St. Georges. They later discover that what Timothy Havelock was looking for is ATAC: an invention that is used to reactivate nuclear rockets. Melina's tube breaks from one with a JIM sub, Melina returns infected to the boat while Bond deals with the mysterious individual who turns out to be Mantis submarine sent by Aristotle Kristatos who had also paid Hector Gonzales to kill the Havelocks.

Kristatos is waiting for them after they get back on the boat and launches the missiles with the ATAC codes, Bond and Melina manage to escape by swimming they meet Milos Columbo, rival of Kristatos.

Eventually they manage to capture Kristatos and Melina wants to kill him, but Bond explains that killing him won't make her any better, but still he is stabbed in the throat by Columbo. In the finale Bond and Melina return to the Havelock boat, where Melina says she would like to swim in the moonlight, which Bond accepts and undresses her and they both swim naked together.


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