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Melissa McCall is a supporting and recurring character in the MTV show Teen Wolf. She is Scott McCall's mother and Rafael McCall's ex-wife. She's also a nurse at Beacon Hills Hospital and she becomes Chris Argent's love interest. Although she was unaware of the supernatural events in the city, Scott ends up telling her the truth and Melissa will be involved in the dangerous situations where she will help her son and his friends.

She was portrayed by Melissa Ponzio who also played Karen in the AMC's The Walking Dead.


Before the series, Melissa was married to Rafael and Scott. But she forced Rafael to leave on a day when he accidentally injured Scott while he was drunk. Subsequently, she raised Scott on her own while Rafael became an FBI agent.

In Season 1, Melissa asks Scott questions about his romantic relationship with Allison Argent and helps him get closer to her. She also ignored that he had turned into a werewolf. She managed to have a date with Peter Hale, Derek's uncle as well as the Alpha who was killing people. The latter had used her as bait to better manipulate Scott but his plan fell apart.

In season 2, she is questioned a lot by Victoria Argent who refuses that Scott and Allison are together. Melissa also punishes Scott who kidnapped Jackson Whittemore along with Stiles while the jock was transformed into a reptilian creature, the Kanima. Towards the end of the season, she is taken hostage by Matt Daehler the Master of Kanima with Scott, Stiles, her father the Sheriff and Derek. It is that night that she learns Scott's true identity and she will have a hard time talking to him again and going through this ordeal. At the end of the season, she's captured by Gerard Argent with the Kanima in order to blackmail Scott and get Derek.

In Season 3, she becomes a new ally for Scott's pack and is sort of the second "healer" along with veterinarian and druid Alan Deaton. However, she is also a means of pressure for Scott as for example for Deucalion, the leader of the Alpha Pack, who wants to recruit the werewolf or Jennifer Blake aka the Darach who wants to use Melissa as a human sacrifice since she is a guardian". She is also kidnapped by the black druid with Sheriff Stilinski and Chris Argent and tied up to the Nemeton. In the second half of the season, Melissa takes care of Stiles who is suffering the side effects of the resurrection and is now possessed by the Nogitsune, a chaotic and evil spirit.

In season 4, she runs into money problems. Scott then wants to help him by stealing money from Garrett, an assassin who works for the Benefactor. On the other hand, she confronts Rafael who returns to Beacon Hills.


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