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Please, don't argue. You've done enough.
~ Melody to Alexa, trying to stop her argument with Liana.
I'll come visit.
~ Melody telling Liana and Alexa that she'll see them again.

Melody is the tritagonist in the 2008 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie & The Diamond Castle. She is a teenage woman who initially studying under Lydia, Dori, and Phaedra, the three Muses of Music as their apprentice. By the end of movie, she later becomes an officially Muse who had portrayed as Lydia's successor.

She is voiced by Maryke Hendrikse, who also voiced Susan Test in Johnny Test, Regen in The Barbie Diaries, Hadley in Barbie in A Mermaid Tale, Teresa Rivera in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, Princess Catania in Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess, Melody In-D in Polly Pocket, and villains Sonata Dusk in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Marlo Buchanan in Barbie: Dolphin Magic.


For the story, Melody alongside with Lydia, Dori, and Phaedra were living in the Diamond Castle when they are having much on fold adherent of Muses of Music. Served as an apprentice much years, Melody often going in depurates her careers finely held it drilled towardly by that music. At sometimes of later, under her apprenticeship, Melody would aiding out to taking care of her friends as her studied of the arts of music and magic. Lydia, who have becoming annoyed as tried to stage a coup to attacked her friends, Dori, Phaedra, and the castle were eventually hiding on their musical apparatus that gives Melody the key as they are being trouble but not even after getting down to revile. Indeed was hided on the place, Melody discovered that Lydia was turning on Dori and Phaedra into the stone figurines due to they are essay to rationality on her. However, Melody known that she would escaped for a life and is being chased by Lydia's loyal dragon servant, Slyder.

Felt on, Melody using her own magic whistle to hided into the mirror as keeping safe but is being discovered by Slyder. Unforeseen, Melody drop down her whistle, which is getting breaking by Slyder. Slyder, who right away as his about sealed on Melody into the mirror. Liana and Alexa, the two young women who have likes their passionate music then exactly to served as sellers of flowers. They are eventually meets with the old lady who looks likes hungry, gives a lunching foods, such as breads and jam to her anyways. When the old lady was happy to gives them a magic mirror, they are could pretty good to singing and meets with Melody, who still trapped into a mirror. Slyder was able to found her but aim to sabotaging Liana and Alexa's hovel, Melody waiting for let Liana and Alexa free her and supporting them.

She have wishing explaining to them the story of her and Lydia, hopefully with on engage by that in order find a way to prevent Lydia from controlling the Diamond Castle by odds. Besides that, Melody decided to told Liana and Alexa, simply on aiding them to finding the Diamond Castle by their tasks. Before approaching in the Diamond Castle, Melody, Liana, and Alexa are went to the Valley of Flowers together. When Alexa is looking at the flowers with Liana on what scared her was that she said it was a snake's tail. Melody could so while remembered on her sentiments it that turned out for the two white puppies are hided on the flowered ground, Liana and Alexa will certainly with treated them as their favorite pets. Melody, Liana, and Alexa are later arrived in the village and went directly to the tavern. Need to be able to take the time to finds more foods to eat, Liana and Alexa want to know that they have no money as feel very hungry in that case to have enough was it on and encounter with a man called Edger.

Melody was worried about that they were not being hungry, Liana and Alexa would walking into the pub and sing on stage. Melody has always heards that the singing sounds of Liana and Alexa are beautiful that they are compared with their friends. They are sings to songs wants to prevailed by all of audiences, Liana and Alexa are went off the stage and that was eats the meals. After leaving the tavern, they are keeps away on the traveling. Although the Diamond Castle was nearing on Seven Stone, Liana and Alexa are seeking into the mansion on their started to battle and thus they were not even show a senses of sumptuousness. Also, the mansion's owners are only under the affections of Lydia's evil magic. Alexa stayed on the mansion, Liana is should finely to brought Melody away. Alexa eventually throwing the friendship necklace as well as gets captured by Lydia. At the time, Alexa just so wants to rejected telling Lydia that where's Liana and Melody.

As Lydia used her evil spells to brainwashing Alexa, Melody and Liana are tangible on their being hijacked by Slyder, who forcing them to arrived in Lydia's place. At the respond of Liana, Melody told her that about the key of the Diamond Castle. Especially Lydia bringing Melody was over that Liana and Alexa are not quite to falling into canyon, Alexa's pet dog, Lily normally to throws the necklace to Liana. Liana must keep moving to let Alexa wearing necklace once more, Alexa eventually frees from the spells of Lydia and Melody was taken away by Lydia for wide heavy. Upon at the Seven Stone, Melody could tell a lie to Lydia as she never trust the true key to her. Melody later meets with the twins, Ian and Jeremy and helps them to stop Lydia, impracticable to be along on nothing to fulge ever dislikes Lydia's demonical inward.

Soon after, Liana and Alexa are coming to facing Lydia, Lydia, who got a plan and used the flute to manipulate them, Ian and Jeremy can be worth also beat Slyder willingly. Incidentally, Lydia also created a whirlpool that she forced them jumps into the whirlpool for Liana was so fast to took out her flute. While the mirror has already broke out, Melody is eventually brokes herself to free up. However, the mirror accidentally fall into the pool, Liana's pet, Sparkles jumps into the pool to bring mirror back. When Liana only angry to defeated Lydia and throwing Lydia's flute, Lydia is surely went to takes her own flute back. Lasting to holding her flute, Lydia fearless on after she falling into whirlpool. Turning out that Melody's famous song "Believes" was the potential key of the Diamond Castle, led to Liana and Alexa singing so this is very like a joyful on their sounds.

After arriving in the Diamond Castle, Liana and Alexa know that their dresses are changed into a new gowns, Melody, who have being release from the mirror and saw Liana and Alexa again. Together with Liana, Alexa, Ian, and Jeremy, Melody shall entered the castle to opened the door of the muses apparatus room. After all, Melody, Liana, and Alexa are seeing the musical instruments in stone statues. Lydia, who had returned and later arrived at the Diamond Castle with Slyder, gets their revenge to facing with Liana, Alexa, and Melody once again, no one who can be won to them. Melody, who should get rid of Lydia's spell, immediately took the two instruments from destruction. Distribute the musical instruments to Liana and Alexa and then working with them to sings and deal with Lydia and Slyder, after which the three are willing to turned on them into the silver statues. After Lydia and Slyder's defeated, the two Muses are eventually released, turns back into humans and returned to the Diamond Castle to have a reunion with Melody.

As a result, Lydia's evil spells was already gone, luckily, Melody led Dori and Phaedra to crowning both Liana and Alexa as the Princesses of Music and the two little girls are crowning both Sparkles and Lily. Melody, who now succeeded Lydia and appointment as current muse, Phaedra allowed to give her recovering Lydia's best light blue flute to applaud for everyone. Melody saw that the two girls gives the two blue guitars to Ian and Jeremy, Ian and Jeremy were very happy to playing the guitars. Dori and Phaedra are recognize the advantages of this favour and sends the richest treasures, the mystical seeds, which is burgeoned into the flowers with diamonds to Liana and Alexa, Ian and Jeremy agreed to dancing with Liana and Alexa. Liana and Alexa along with Sparkles and Lily are prepare on returning to their hometown, Melody bid farewell to them as well as soon be possible she has might on relieved that they be going on continuing to try hard.


Melody is kind-hearted, shy, sweet, loyal, cheerful, caring, and selfless young woman who had frequently for being on friendly with Liana and Alexa. Despite is being very loyally with the three muses, in fact, Melody sometimes making a jokes towards her people that Alexa said her body was growl on, who has feared by Lydia because she needs to intimidating her friends and opposed to them. Though Melody possibly on tragic as Lydia was turned Dori and Phaedra into the statues but her trapped into the magic mirror, because Slyder has been unnecessary went to against her.


  • "Melody" is a name of Greek origin which means "music" or "song." Her appearance is also Grecian inspired, and Muses come from Greek mythology.
  • She shares the same name with Princess Melody from Barbie as Rapunzel. Also, Melody is a princess who is one of the daughters of King Frederick.
  • Her hairstyle is similar with Queen Calissa from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale series.
  • She also appeared in the film bloopers.


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