Meow is one of the two main characters of the short anime series Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran. She is a Chinese martial artist skilled in the Iron Cat Fist style. She wanders across Japan with her friend Tsukikage Ran, facing some kind of wrongdoings in various towns and ending up solving them out.

Meow is quite an energetic woman who often fails to think before she acts, leading her into many troubles and needing to be rescued by Ran. Despite the apathetic ronin's annoyance of Meow, Ran appreciates her strong sense of justice and heart of gold (in addition to the sake money she loans from Meow). Meow looks up to Ran to the point of calling her Sis, even if she gets fed up with the ronin's attitude at times. Although Meow needs to be rescued by Ran several times, she's a skilled fighter of her own right.

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