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Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) is a fictional character from Marvel Comic's X-Men series. She is a teenage member of the student body at the Xavier Institute and a recurring member of the X-Men. She first appeared in New Mutants, vol. 2 #2 in August 2003.


Cessily Kincaid was raised in Portland, Oregon by her parents Mark and Jill, who, according to DeFilippis, used to dote over her. When Cessily's powers manifested, her parents were disgusted and made her stay indoors so as to hide her mutation. In response, she was sent to the Xavier Institute where she befriended Julian Keller and was placed as Laurie Collins' roommate for a while. After the school was rebuilt, she was selected by Emma Frost to be on her Hellions squad.

She's extremely close to Santo Varroco and Julian Keller whom she spends most of her time with and looks upon like big brothers. During that time, she developed a crush on her teammate Wither, but her feelings were not reciprocated.

Powers and Abilities

Mercury's body is composed of a non-toxic metal resembling mercury, which she can reshape or solidify at will, although she is still inexperienced in shape-shifting. Molecular adhesion power gives her the ability to cling to solid surfaces and move her body at will even without overt locomotive features. She has also demonstrated superhuman strength by supporting huge slabs of concrete, though the extent of this strength is unknown.


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