I'll be watching over you.
~ Mercy

Mercy (real name: Angela Ziegler) is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the video game Overwatch. She is a Swiss scientist who specialises in healing and a former member of Overwatch. Mercy was one of the agents that were recalled to serve Overwatch after Winston reinstated the organisation. She is also one of the main protagonists of the animated short "Zero Hour".

She is voiced by Lucie Pohl.

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As the head of a prominent hospital in Zürich, Switzerland, Dr. Angela Ziegler discovered new uses for applied nanobiology that made treating life-threatening illnesses or injuries significantly easier and more successful. At that time, she was not even 17 yet, making her a prodigy in medical science. This attracted the attention of Overwatch, which she gladly joined.

When Mercy became Overwatch's head of medical research, she developed the Valkyrie swift-response suit so her technology could be taken to the battlefield. Using it, she helped to save the life of Genji when he was nearly killed by Hanzo. She also collaborated with Torbjörn to design a prototype Biotic Rifle.

After the Overwatch Swiss Headquarters was destroyed, Mercy attended a UN committee to explain how the relationship between Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes decayed and became violent. She kept her Valkyrie suit after Overwatch was disbanded and continues to use it to heal the sick and wounded.

At the time of the Overwatch Recall, Mercy was in Iraq.

In Reflections, Mercy is seen reading a letter while inside a hospital tent, presumably from Genji.


Hence her code name, Mercy is an adamant pacifist that always wishes to avoid violent approaches whenever possible. She is very kind and gentle, consistently caring for the well being of the sick and injured. She also loves peace and quiet, taking the time to treasure those moments before a match starts.

While she is devoted to Overwatch, Mercy opposes its militaristic methods when it comes to global crises. She also believes that it's best for it to be kept shutdown, according to her dialogue in Watchpoint: Gibraltar.


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