The Mermaids are three sea creatures in the film Pan.

They all were portrayed by Cara Delevingne.



All three mermaids are identical with long, light blonde hair and pale, silvery skin. They are extremely beautiful and ethereal. Instead of legs, they have long eel-like tails with lacy fins. Their tails are covered in silvery bioluminescent scales which glow blue, pale lilac and silver. Their tails shimmer with electricity.


The mermaids are mysterious creatures who never speak. They are kind and gentle beings who will save people from drowning but they are also strong and will bravely face dangerous creatures like the gigantic crocs of Neverland.

Powers and Abilities

  • Underwater breathing: Like a fish, the mermaids can breathe water as if it was air, allowing them to remain submerged for as long as they wish.
  • Swimming: A mermaid's tail can propel her swiftly through the water with great speed, agility and grace.
  • Telepathy: It was mentioned in the behind the scenes of Pan that the mermaids are capable of reading minds.
  • Bioluminescence: Like an angler fish's lure, a mermaid's scales emit light.
  • Electricity: Like an electric eel, the mermaids' tails can release a lightning-like shock upon those who are hit by their fins. Their shocks are powerful enough to harm a crocodile as big as a school bus.


The mermaids confront the croc

Peter, Hook and Tiger Lily journeyed to the Mermaids' Lagoon, the only place Blackbeard and his pirates would not follow due to the gigantic crocodiles who lived around the area. Once they got there, one of the terrible crocs leapt out of the water and dragged Peter down to the bottom of the lagoon. The mermaids appeared and used their tails to frighten the beast away. They returned Peter to his companions before swimming away.

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