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  • Please tell admins not to delete the Roberta (Jurassic Park) article because I have a lot of questions to ask you about her from the Jurassic Park franchise. I know I've seen all the movies so I think we can discuss about how Roberta is more like an anti-heroic character. In the first film, I know she is most likely behaving like a normal animal with predatory instincts, but here is a secret by fans that she did heroic stuff like when she unexpectedly saved Alan Grant and the group by killing The Big One and her subordinate, saved the park by defeating the Indominus rex aided by Blue and the Mosasaurus, saved Owen Grady and his group by killing a Carnotaurus and even killed Eli Mills to prevent him from getting the Indominus bone and create more hybrids. Most notably, she is also intelligent as shown when she touched the electric fencing to her paddock to see if the power had gone out, when she was curious particularly towards bright flashing lights such as flashlights or flares, worked together with Blue as a perfect team to end the threat of the Indominus rex and even spared Blue when Roberta saw that Blue is different from her kind. Roberta even crushed one of the tour vehicles after mistaking it for an enemy and later pushed it to the ledge to eliminate those that trespass on her territory. The other thing about Roberta is that she saved the major human participants involved in incidents from other dangerous creatures, although inadvertently. This makes her something of an anti-heroine in the films.

    Others include that Roberta is born with a genetic defect where her vision is based on movement and is able to sense potential prey or enemies despite their best efforts to hide and she has shown to be creative in flushing them out. I think she is mixed with DNA of a modern animal just like Blue, Indominus rex and Indoraptor. And about the scars on her neck, they can be described as battle wounds from other dinosaurs or some attacks from humans I guess. She is also quite similar to Kong from Kong: Skull Island as I believe are rulers of their islands (king and queen), both are covered in battle scars, both fought and defeated enemies (Kong fights Skullcrawlers; Roberta fights The Big One and Indominus rex), both killed humans (Kong killed Packard in revenge for trying to kill him while Roberta even killed Eli Mills while he is trying to get the Indominus bone), both defend their territories, both seem to be heroic in some ways. Now you believe me? Can you see if you can prevent the article from getting deleted please?

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    • Bad news: I just saw that admins have deleted Roberta (Jurassic Park) because they think she is a normal predator. See if it would like to be recreated please?

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    • I didn't see any deletion template or reason on it. Just try to explain it yourself.

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