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    Fenwick Frazier is the deuteragonist and occasional antagonist in 100 Things To Do Before High School. He's CJ's best friend.


    He's pessimistic black guy who thinks he's very smart. He has skills to solve the hardest math questions in the world. But he's not using brain very often and isn't very smart. That's shown in episode Join the Club Thing, where he couldn't solve logic question which needs using brain, but CJ who is very smart, solved that logic question for a second. That showed that CJ is really a brain of the team, not Fenwick. He can react very unnice many times whenever there's something he doesn't like. He commited several crimes, such as stealing Crispo's bag, insulting CJ, Crispo and others whenever they do something he doesn't like, stealing Dale's girl and many other crimes. The worst one was when he used Mr. Roberts' laptop and video-called Nile De Gray Staicon (who is a famous person in their world) and made extremely big bill, which Mr. Roberts couldn't pay, and went to jail for it. Even though Fenwick is usually unpolite, he also loves to help his friends in troubles.


    • He, CJ and Crispo are based on Mickey, Donald and Goofy.
    • CJ is smart, optimistic and always knows how to solve problems, just like Mickey. They both also sometimes had their loss moments where someone outsmarted or defeated them.
    • Fenwick is pessimistic and thinks he's very smart, just like Donald. They both often lose their temper, and act bad in several episodes. However, Donald is a flawed hero who couldn't get enough bad deeds to be on Villains Wiki, but Fenwick isn't so flawed hero and often does bad things, unlike Donald.
    • Crispo is stupid and of course "goofy", just like Goofy. They both are good guys in general, but their stupidity can often lead them to problems and make that they act bad sometimes.
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