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  • for helping me cleaning rubbish files. You and I had cleared countless rubbish files but there is still no end to them!

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  • I just thought I would let you and Emeraldblade know that MIDKOWITCH is back yet again as White Rabbid, seeing as how you're usually the ones that block him and all. I know because he was already blocked on the Villains Wiki for that reason. (sighs) Obviously with the sheer amount of sockpuppet accounts he's been creating lately, I'm sure it won't be long at all before he comes up with something else, but I just thought I should do the responsible thing and let you know regardless.

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    • Not necessary given Fandom generally take care of these problems decently.

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    • I got to know Thinkerkoala because I heard he was a supporter of Leon, when checking his revision history on Barbie girls Wiki. As a result, he got globally banned, and its permanent.

      Many users on Real Life Heroes Wiki (the wiki he edits on frequently) were shocked about this global block. I saw his edit history on another wiki, Barbie girls wiki, and when I saw one of them, it has been proven he had once invited a supporter of Leon (aka Catsbecats) to join the wiki. After that, I spread a hypocrisy that he was a supporter of Leon. His friend, TheAlitaFan, argued with me, and eventually, I got blocked on Real Life Heroes Wiki for slandering about this user.

      Later, he wrote a letter to me on the other Real Life Heroes Wiki on his sockpuppet account, Alwaysbekindtouglies. He said that he wasn't a supporter of Leon and that he simply liked Leon only because he is "right about anime." 

      He talked to other users, and his sockpuppet has already been reported to VSTF, if you check his message wall on Barbie girls Wiki.

      He might be a supporter of Leon, as he invited Catsbecats's sockpuppets (or supporters) to join the wiki. As a result, there is a page on Leon on this wiki, which makes this wiki a piece of garbage, and another admin there, WitchSpiece, blocked me for 1 month.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Could I have permission to recreate the Dr. Nitrus Brio article? It was previously deleted for have no content.

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  • Can you review my block on Villains? I got blocked by Queen Misery who took a leave of absence just like how Inferno quit. I got blocked for a year. I admit I was acting like a bit of a jerk and pretending to be an admin and got carried away but a year seems too much IMO. I was justing correcting what I thought was hypocritcal with Inferno putting deletion tags on pages that Could be fan fanfics after approving a page that was just like that in Jesse of smashmouth animations. 

    I will back off of being acting like an admin. I just always wanted to be one. I wanted what is best of the wiki. I'm sorry.

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    • Well, I didn't know that/ wasn't really paying attention. Besides, this was my first offense. I've seen the block log how come I get the year block when others get like a week to 2 weeks? I just came on the wiki at the start of June and I get blocked at the end of the month.

      I was just frustrated at what I saw was someone bring hypocritical. Besides, I've seen users on here act like admins and reporting people and telling them to stop. That admin I was angry with is gone now anyway.

      It is a bit embarrassing to be blocked by an admin who took a break immediately after. I really do not deserve a year block. I wasn't cursing at Inferno or anything.

      If you are going to reverse Nerdwithakeyboard block from a year to 2 weeks because he was a little angry at Inferno then you gotta do the same for me. I meant nothing by it.

      I'm sorry. I won't act like an admin again. I learned my lesson. If I have to have a block at least make it either a month or 2 weeks.

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