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MetalGarurumon is the Mega/final evolution form of Gabumon.

Like his original counterpart, he is voiced by Mayumi Yamaguchi in the Japanese version.


MetalGarurumon appeared in the past while Taichi and the others see the past events of Dark Digimon's invasion and after battle between Light and Dark Digimons over, he and other six Digimons reborn as Digi-Eggs and lost his memories before meet Yamato and other DigiDestineds.

MetalGarurumon manages to pull Parasimon out of Machmon’s body and destroy the parasite and freeing Machmon from Parasimon's control.


  • Metal Wolf Claw
  • Giga Missile

Episode Appearances

Appearances on Episodes
  • The Holy Digimon (silhouette)
  • The New Darkness, Millenniumon (flashback)
  • Activate, MetalGarurumon
  • The Attack of Mugendramon
  • The God of Evil Descends, Millenniumon
  • The End, the Ultimate Holy Battle
  • The Gold Wolf of the Crescent Moon (flashback)
  • The Crest of Courage (flashback)
  • The Angels' Determination (flashback)
  • The Great Catastrophe, Negamon
  • The Last Miracle, The Last Power


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