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MetalKabuterimon is one of the main heroes and the Beast form of Beetlemon.

He is voiced by Masato Amada in the Japanese Version and Steve Blum in the English Version.


He is wrapped in a dark blue, golden and orange armor; moreover, in place of hands it can count on two firearms similar to machine guns. He also has two other smaller weapons, also similar to the arms. In addition, on its head is a much larger cannon, which can open to reveal a power meter for its Attack.

Digimon Frontier

MetalKabuterimon appears for the first time in the episode "MetalKabuterimon, the warrior of Thunder". Escaped from the castle of Seraphimon after the joint attack of Grumblemon, Arbormon, Lanamon, and Mercurymon, the Digiprescelti find themselves in a cave with no way out. They are then forced to face Arbormon and Grumblemon, the latter accompanied by an entire army of Golemon. JP and Tommy, previously injured, find themselves forced to fight alone against Grumblemon and his army to defend Zoe, deprived of his Digispirit stolen by Grumblemon himself, Bokomon, Neemon and Seraphimon's Digi-egg. Beetlemon, however, is defeated in a short time and runs the risk of being absorbed. JP in any case does not want to give up and give it to Grumblemon, who is also in possession of Zoe's Digispirit. A Whamon attack, however, saves him from a certain defeat; moreover, the attack reveals JP's Animal Digispirit, unwittingly swallowed by the enormous Digimon previously. JP manages to acquire his Digispirit before Grumblemon can steal it from him and dig into MetalKabuterimon, quickly recovering control and finally defeating Grumblemon, depriving him of his Digispiritand recovering that of Zoe, the goal that the boy had set himself since the time of theft. At the end of the episode Zoe thanks JP for his tenacity and his stubbornness in having faced, wounded, a desperate situation and come out victorious.

MetalKabuterimon will prove to be a very powerful weapon in JP's arsenal, which will save him several times, especially in the fight against the corrupt Legendary Warriors.

MetalKabuterimon's Famous battles

  • MetalKabuterimon, BurningGreymon, KendoGarurumon, Zephrmon, and Korikakkumon vs. Petaldramon



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