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Metroplex is the leader of Gigantion and one member of Optimus Prime's team in Transformers: Cybertron. His Mini-Con partner is Drill Bit.


When Metroplex met Optimus Prime with his friends, he helped Landmine by cutting a balk that prevented Landmine from moving. After the meeting, Optimus and his friends asked him and Quickmix for help finding Gigantion's Cyber Planet Key. At first, they refused because their habit was not to return to abandoned cities, but when they defeated Megatron with his minions, they agreed to help them. And when they rescued Bud, Jolt, and Reverb, they began looking for the level one where the Cyber Planet Key is. And when they found a spaceship named Lemuria, Galvatron, Menasor, and Starscream arrived on the scene and also tried to get the key. During the battle, Metroplex and Menasor made reconciliation and were friends again, and at the last minute Starscream and Galvatron were defeated and they received the last Cyber Planet Key. But after that, Galvatron managed to capture the Omega Lock, and he planned to use it to expand the core of the black hole. And then all the Transformers around the universe came together to help Optimus Prime and his friends defeat Galvatron, destroy the black hole, and save the universe. And when the Omega Lock and Cyber Planet Keys were recovered, Primus used the Ark to destroy the black hole. And when Galvatron was also destroyed, Metroplex and his husband joined in the construction of the space bridge.



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