~ Mettaton
There you are, Frisk-darling. Feast your eyes! Dr. Alphys completed my wonderful new body. Oooh! And did you hear? The barrier's OPEN! I can't wait to see the sun... ...the greatest spotlight of all! Oh yes. I suppose I should thank you, too, darling. Before fighting you, I had... Forgotten how fun it was to perform with others. So I've been searching for HOT TALENTS to fill up my upcoming troupe. So far, Shyren's agreed to be my back-up singer. And Bl... Napstablook, here, will be my sound mixer! The three of us performing together... It really feels overdue, doesn't it? Frisk, darling. Can you help me with something? What kind of merchandise do you think humans would want to buy...? I've thought of a few ideas so far. Buttons (with my face), stickers (with my face), CDs (with my face)... Posters (with my face), T-shirts (with my face), underwear (with my face)... ...and plush dolls of TORIEL. But, you know. With my face instead of hers. So what do you think?
~ Mettaton in the True Pacifist ending.

Mettaton is a supporting protagonist of Undertale. He is a robot with a SOUL and was built by Alphys.


Initial Form

Mettaton originally appears as a gray, large rectangular box with a grid of lights at the top which can change color depending on his various actions, but are usually yellow and orange. He has four round dials along the bottom of his body, a single leg with a black wheel, and two segmented robotic arms wearing white gloves.

Mettaton EX

After having the switch on his back flipped in a Neutral or True Pacifist Route, Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX; a new body he specially requested Alphys make for him. In this humanoid form, he has black hair with a long fringe that seems to cover his right eye, pale "skin" and visible metal segments below and above his left eye.

He has a pink chest piece, a narrow metallic waist with a box contraption, and black shoulder guards above his segmented arms, which end in gloves. The chest piece has what appear to be a speaker and some knob or gauge, while the waist has two parts that seem to act as a locking mechanism that holds his "heart-shaped core," as they both lose white pixels during his "heart-to-heart" attack. His long black-clad legs end in pink high-heeled boots.

Mettaton NEO

After being confronted by the protagonist on the Genocide Route, Mettaton transforms into Mettaton NEO, which resembles Mettaton EX, but has a more combat-oriented design.

His right forearm is replaced by what appears to be a cannon, pauldrons clad his shoulders, which are shaped like legs and are longer than his arms, and he has wings on his back. The soul on his waist points upwards in a more monster-like manner, and he has a heart shape engraved on his chest plate like Undyne the Undying. His hair on the right side is spiked out, revealing an entirely black segment of his face, with a sparkle or crosshair in place of his right eye.


Mettaton is a confident, charismatic, and charming TV host that loves drama, action, and violence. He lives for his ratings and adores performing. He supposedly strikes a pose when he does something wrong and makes time on his various shows to beat up "heel-turning villains." He shows a rather shallow appreciation for existence at times. However, despite his seemingly narcissistic personality, he deeply cares about the seemingly positive impact his show has had on the inhabitants of the Underground.



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