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Meyneth also known as Lady Meyneth is a Heroine from Xenoblade Chronicles. She is the soul of Mechonis and Zanza's equal. She wields her own Monado in combat, and is addressed as Lady Meyneth by all Machina. Bionis life simply call her Meyneth.

She was voiced by Mio Umeda in the Japanese version, and by Jo Wyatt in the English version.



Meyneth, was once a scientist working alongside Zanza, she tried to stop him from creating a new universe since the results from previous tests were unconfirmed, but he activated it anyway and the universe was reseted and the two scientists were the only survivors. She emerged as Mechonis, the mechanical Titan, time passed and the two Titans were lonely so they decided to create life in their own image. Meyneth created the Machina to live alongside her.

War of The Titans

The awareness of Zanza started to fade away since the existence of the life forms he created was way more finite than the Machina and they started to forget him as time passed. Zanza came to the conclusion that he must destroy and recreate the universe perpetually if he want to be remembered so he attacked Agniratha, Meyneth retaliated as Mechonis and the battle between the two Titans started. After some time, the two Gods were exhausted by the wounds they inflicted to eachother and needed to rest to replenish their powers.


Vanea retrieved Meyneth's soul, and planned to transfer it to Fiora's Faced Mechon many centuries later. After that, Meyneth became the one to control Fiora's body and was unaware of Fiora's existence but Fiora was aware of Meyneth's existence but was unable to speak to her until the events of Galahad Fortress where Meyneth exhaust most of her energy to defeat Egil and his Faced Mechon, Yaldabaoth, as a result she becomes the silent one while Fiora regain control of her body.

She later manifest herself to aid the group and give them advice during their exploration of Mechonis. She shields the party from Gadolt's blast during their first battle and later free him from Egil's influence when he is fought for a second time in Agniratha. She later tries to reason with Egil, but he rejects her, feeling betrayed for her siding with lifeforms of Bionis.


When Zanza is released from Shulk's body, she challenge him after his victory against Yaldabaoth and unlock her Monado, however Zanza realise that she is not putting effort into the battle and that her feelings for Shulk are the reason. Zanza tries aim at Shulk to force her to take the hit, Meyneth sacrifices herself for the safety of the party and Zanza takes her Monado as his own.


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