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Michael is the central antagonist turned one of the deuteragonists (along with Chidi Anagonye) of The Good Place; serving as the main antagonist of season 1 and the start of season 2 before becoming a deuteragonist for the rest of the series. He started out as a Bad Place demon wanting to innovate its methods of torturing deceased humans.

Under approval of his boss, Shawn, Michael would do an experiment meant to innovate torture. He selected four humans who were deceased who would annoy each other greatly. He would place the humans in a neighborhood designed to resemble the Good Place. However, in the experiment, the humans improve each other despite being tortured. Eventually, one of them named Eleanor Shellstrop would figure out that they are actually in the Bad Place, forcing Michael to reset the experiment.

Shawn only allowed the experiment to happen one more time. However, Michael was forced to reboot the experiment 800 times, but each time, Eleanor would figure out that they are in the Bad Place. Eventually, Michael's workers led by Vicky took over the experiment, forcing Michael to ally with the humans to make it look like the experiment worked. Eventually, Shawn congratulated Michael for his "success". After the congratulation, Michael made it look like the humans escaped without his involvement and humans actually escaping. After tricking Shawn, Michael and the humans would go on a quest to get the humans into the Good Place and later, change the afterlife system to be more fairer to humans.

Michael is portrayed by Ted Danson, who has no other identified heroic roles on the wiki.



Michael has existed since the beginning of universe and is imortal. His childhood pet was Korzoff the ten-headed dog-spider. He was an apprentice for the Bad Place for 1000 years under the leadership of Shawn who taught ruthless and horrific ways to torture humans. During his time as an architect, he wanted a way to innovate the methods of torture in the Bad Place. He proposed an idea of having four humans believe they are in the Good Place and be tricked into unknowingly torturing each other. Under reluctant approval of Shawn, Michael created an experimental neighborhood to run his experiment and test out the proposal. For the experiment, he selected four humans who would unknowingly torture each other the most: Eleanor Shellstrop (who is a selfish jerk), Chidi Anagonye (who has crippling indecisiveness), Tahani Al-Jamil (who never cared about the people she helped), and Jason Mendoza (who is an impulsive and stupid criminal).

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