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Michel Ninorich was a soldier assigned to the 08th MS team. He appears in the 1996 One Year War side story 08th MS Team.

He was voiced by Hiro Yuki in the Japanese version, and by Anthony Pulcini in the English version.


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Michel appears to be an energetic young man from Russia, who is excited and eager to pilot a mobile suit. However he is disappointed once he arrives, to discover that he is to be Eledore Massis's assistant in a Type 74 Hover Truck. He does get his chance to pilot a mobile suit, though briefly, in Episode 6: Battle Line in the Burning Sand, when he and Terry Sanders, Jr., a mobile suit pilot in the team, switch places. However, the only action he does as a mobile suit pilot is firing one shot at the Apsalus II, piloted by Aina Sahalin. Michel seems to have been in a relationship with a girl who's real name is not given; she is referred to as B.B. Michel and B.B. wrote several letters to each other while he was on duty in South-East Asia; however, she broke off the relationship in a letter, saying that she couldn't stand not knowing if each letter would be his last. Though Michel seems to hope he will be able to get her back, she ends up marrying someone else. However, it might not be that simple; as B.B. is seen holding a baby in her wedding picture, her reasons for leaving Michel might have been more complicated. He may harbor romantic feelings for Kiki Rosita, and is seen to have been traveling with her in the last episode.

It is noted that he told his superiors that Shiro knew Aina which lead Shiro being suspected as a spy.

He deeply regretted betraying Shiro since that incident.


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