Mick Kanic is a shapeshifting friend of Brody's and Redbot's that works on the show Galaxy Warriors and later the mentor of the Ninja Steel Rangers.

Character History

The Mechanic for the Warrior Dome, he befriended Brody Romero during his time as a prisoner. While discussing an escape plan, Ripcon appeared, causing Mick to shapeshift into a mop. After they overheard Madame Odius tell Galvanax about the Ninja Steel, he, Brody, and Redbot were forced to put their escape plan into action to prevent Galvanax from getting it. After a group of Kudabots ruined their original plan, they were forced to use the ship's trash chute. While falling to Earth, Mick was separated from the others and transformed into a boulder to land safely.

Mick, in boulder form, was among the debris that landed in front of Hayley Foster and Calvin Maxwell. After Calvin kicked Mick, he changed back to his regular form, startling them. As he was explaining who he was and what was going on, a group of Kudabots appeared. As Hayley and Calvin fought them off, Mick hid in Calvin's truck. The group then drove off just before Ripcon appeared. As they arrived at Summer Cove High School's Auto Shop, Mick was mistaken for the new shop teacher by Principal Hastings. Using the tools in the auto shop to repair his Datacom, he got in touch with Brody and Redbot, who were accompanied by Sarah Thompson and Preston Tien. Brody told them about the Ninja Steel being in the trophy belonging to Brody's dad, in the school trophy case. As they were on the way to meet them, they were ambushed by the alien Ripperat.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting: Mick can change into anything he imagines.
    • A Mop
    • A Boulder
    • A Skeleton
    • Versix
  • Mechanic Skills: Mick is exceptionally gifted with mechanical engineering and repair, being the top Mechanic on the Warrior Dome. He also knows a great deal about power rangers and the Ninja Nexus Prism.


  • Datacom: A wristwatch-like device connected to the Warrior Dome's main computer, used for communication and looking up information.


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