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Mickey Rogers is one of the heroes from Art of Fighting.


Mickey Rogers was a professional boxer but was expelled from the team after he accidentally killed a man. He is currently looking for an opponent in South Town to vent his anger and frustration and enter the tournament for the same reason. When he made his debut, Mickey had long hair and wore long hair. In AOF2, he has short hair.

Mickey became a small time cover for Mr. Big's work, so that he could make money like a street swindler. After his defeat at the hands of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, he escorted them to the port though he could not get them aboard the Guardian aircraft carrier. However, Mickey has reformed and hopes to return to the professional boxing track. While his coach Pops (also seen on Mickey's stage) told him that his time has arrived and he has a championship round.

Then, we saw Mickey's combat training and believed that "Mickey's the Mauler" would become the next champion in the world. His burning upper is similar to Geese Howard's Reppuken.


Mickey is a proud champion that loves boxing. Although he did work for Mr. Big, he isn't an evil person. He is a fighter at heart and won't refuse a challenge.


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