That's Little Apple!
~ Midget Apple's catchphrase
Yo! Yo! Yo! Little Apple back in the house once again, that's right!
~ Midget Apple's catchphrase of Video Game
No size jokes!
~ Midget Apple's secondary catchphrase of his size.
Neato burrito.
~ Midget Apple's third catchphrase

Midget Apple (also known as Little Apple) is the main tritagonist of Annoying Orange Series.


Midget Apple was first introduced as a joke filler for the episode Crabapple. Orange had first mistook Crabapple for a midget apple, and Crabapple had pointed out that there was a midget apple right next to him. Towards the end of that episode, Crabapple was crushed by Pumpkin, who had also mistook him for a midget apple.


  • Since Wishful Thinking. he considers Marshmallow as his best friend.
  • Midget Apple stated on Facebook that "Tiny Apple" and "Small Apple" are accepted nicknames; it can be any synonym of "little" as long as it's not "midget".
  • There is an apple cultivar called "Midget Crabapple", which is possibly the origin of his name.
  • He, along with Pear, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, and Grandpa Lemon are so far the only main characters who started as minor characters.
  • His photo picture is a monster truck.
  • Despite the fact that he is little, he seems to like extreme sports, like his theme song shows.
  • According to his theme song, he can play the guitar.
  • The decals on his truck reads "Midget Apple".
  • He glows red when he has a hot bath
  • In Challenges, Midget won many challenges against Grapefruit but lost twice by him (which one of them is cheating). He lost or tied Orange. But never challenge against Pear, Marshmallow and Grandpa Lemon except for the Brain Freeze Challenge. He has spicy endurance for hot sauce and ghost peppers such as when he eat a piece from Gary the ghost pepper except for Carolina Reaper.


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