The Mighty Dragon is a mighty creature, that only appears in the Angry Birds Seasons update Year of the Dragon. He's a friend of the Mighty Eagle. The Mighty Dragon can be summoned by pressing the "eye" icon beside the pause button, giving the player the Red Koi Fish that is thrown in order to attract it.


Like the Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon is an optional character that can be used to destroy any fortress. However, it has a different style of attack than the Eagle. It first comes in from the upper left corner of the screen and goes after the koi. It then attacks by flying in a loop, pushing anything in its path, and creates a small earthquake, shaking the fortress to eliminate any missed Pigs. As a final attack, the dragon shoots into the sky to the upper right corner of the screen. Its unique looping path calls for strategic placement of the koi, but can be utilized in various different angles of attack due to this. It can be bad as well, since when the dragon loops, it misses the material inside the loop. Once he does the loop he seems to lose power too.


  • Just like the Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon can be used in two ways:
    1. If the player has not yet passed a level, the Mighty Dragon can be used to skip the level. This can only be done once per hour.
    2. If the player has already earned at least one star on a level, the Mighty Dragon has unlimited usage.
  • The Mighty Dragon button replaces the Mighty Eagle button in Year of the Dragon showing the dragon's eye and bushy eyebrow.
  • It flies in a loop instead of crashing into the ground.
  • It can be used for free on iOS, Android, and Symbian^3 devices and does not require purchase of the Mighty Eagle. It is also available on Angry Birds Trilogy for PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS when you purchase the Anger Management pack.
  • Depending on the elevation of where the koi lands, the Mighty Dragon may hit surprisingly higher than expected, passing slightly over the koi even, or hit lower, which produces a more thorough destruction by making contact with more objects. All of this depends on if the Mighty Dragon is in the middle of diving or flying straight in its staircase-like descent as it reaches the koi.
  • Unlike the Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon is not silhouetted.
  • According to the comics, the Mighty Dragon is an old friend or a replacement of the Mighty Eagle, but in the App Store and the Year of the Dragon Teaser, it says that the Mighty Eagle transformed into the Mighty Dragon.
  • The Mighty Dragon is one of the two allies of the Birds that isn't a bird. The other one is Luiz.
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